Horror and My Heart.

Saturday 21 September 2019

When I was a teenager I would live for anything horror related, my sisters hated it and told me when I get older I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I do now and in a way, they're right but not when it comes to horror movies but when it comes to horror games. I have a heart condition so when anything makes me jump that sick feeling that comes from the pit of my stomach that then makes me shaky and my heart race too fast freaks me out, my heart feels like it's going to jump out of my chest and that makes me have to stop what I'm going and have a breather. I know I'm not the only one who hates stuff like this but there are adrenalin chasers tend to love it and find enjoyment out of the thrill of a scare and soon go on to find a thrill from other things whilst I can't even cope with a jump scare in a game!

I have played plenty of horror games and tried to immerse myself in the world of horror but it's a genre I enjoy the least and would rather stay away from with the exception from a few. I find that the build-up to a scare if often worse than the actual jump scare, this is because the music and tension builds up causing a stress reaction, we know something is going to come but don't know when which leaves some people on edge and not wanting to progress with a game like me, although I still put myself through it just so I can get further into a game.

I rarely play horrors due to my heart condition and it saddens me because I want to get past the feeling that my heart is beating too fast and making me feel sick, luckily for me I can watch streams and videos of gameplay and I love to see how other people react and whether or not they would be as scared as little old me and it helps me weed out the games I could and couldn't cope with playing, that being said I just purchased Alien Isolation and I haven't even got to where the aliens try to get me yet and my heart was being erratically just knowing it was going to happen.

Yes, I often laugh at myself for being scared of horror games because it's not real and can't actually hurt me much like a horror movie, with  horror movies I usually end up laughing because the scare tactics used fall flat whereas with a video game you are the one controlling things and immersed in that world, you're in the shoes of a character about to experience something scary first hand and thanks to better graphics over the years and the use of VR we can now experience being scared on a much up close and personal scale than we would with a movie.

I personally like horror games with a heavy storyline such as Until Dawn, when I played it first the first time it took me on a completely different kind of journey because it revolves more around storytelling from 8 different perspectives and leads us down different paths that could either mean life or death. Their lives were in my hands and each time I accidentally got someone killed it made me more determined to help the leftover characters survive which was easier said than done when you get scared so easily and want to chicken out! Because I enjoyed Until Dawn so much I wanted to get Man of Medan on PS4 too, they're very similar in terms of genre and modes but this time more people can join in on the gameplay with you.

You can disagree with me on this one if you like but Bioshock has an aspect of horror within it but I would happily throw myself into this game over and over again because the jump scares aren't that bad and the story alone makes it worth sneaking my way through the game and putting up with whatever comes after me, so basically what I'm getting at is so long as the game has a good storyline and doesn't just solely focus on making me jump out of my skin I will carry on playing but if the jump scares do get too much I'm out of there.

Silent Hill was one of the first horrors I played, I didn't like it at first because of the monsters and the fact that I was awful at the games but silent hill has always had something other horrors didn't, the story behind Silent Hill focuses a lot on humans and how they're monsters themselves and just knowing that kind of made me take a step back and think we shouldn't fear humans and as much as this game is terrifying me I want to experience what else it has to offer and that alone is what can make a game rewarding to play through and finish. The worst jump scare for me would be the first Silent Hill in the locker room, it stood out most to me because it was just so random!

Two games in particular that I have put off playing are Resident Evil and Dead Space (any of them) I would love to play Dead Space the most but I would probably have to be in a really calm and good mood to give it a go and as for Resident Evil, I scared myself half to death when I tried out the VR demo from the kitchen and that kind of put me off for good, I can't be dealing with that (yes you may laugh at me). What horror games do you avoid at all costs?


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