Life is Strange 2 | Episode 4 | PS4 Review (Spoilers)

Sunday 8 September 2019


Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
PS4 Review

We are on the home stretch now, this was the second to last episode of Life is Strange 2 and you bet I have a lot to say, this episode was a lot more dramatic than I thought it would be and centered more around Sean than Daniel but towards the end the spotlight was put back on Daniel. Episode ended abruptly and not on a good note either, after Daniel had yet another burst of power in order to save his brother and friends we were left with an uncertain feeling other what happened to them all, the trailer didn't give much away and implied that Daniel and Sean had been separated which is exactly what takes place. 

I was pretty confused when this episode began because we see Sean and Daniel together but I soon work out that it's a dream and we see that Sean is in the hospital with a missing eye. This devastated me because it meant that the end of episode 3 was worse than I thought it would be and if Sean was hurt it means others were too or possibly dead. Sean is obviously in a lot of trouble, him being in hospital means that the police have caught up with him and are going to want to charge him for the officer's murder from episode 1, but we all know he will be able to get out of this situation.

Sean is facing time in prison and Daniel is missing, he knew he had to break out and find him but had no clue where he could be, that was until the nurse smuggled in his notebook where he worked out that Daniel must be with Jacob who he would hang around with a lot back at the farm they were staying at. Biggest problem is he had to form an escape plan that night even if that meant harming the police officer guarding him which is the route I chose to go down, once he got out and grabbed all his stuff he stole a car and hit the road, he knew this was risky and didn't have much time to disappear so drove for hours.

There was one part of this episode that stood out for me and hit me deep down inside, this was when Sean finally stopped to rest and two guys approached him and demanded him to get out of the car so they could search him, Sean had trespassed on their land and he was going to pay for it in the most humiliating way because the men were arseholes. They made him do as they said and made a point that he wasn't welcome in their country because he is Mexican, they made him sing for them and then demanded he get off their land, he didn't have much fuel left so had to ditch the car eventually and walk the rest of the way. I felt devasted for Sean, he was just trying to get to his brother to protect and help him but these men felt it was their right to make him feel like shit. This highlights a big issue in America and how people from other countries are seen, I know it's been said that it makes the episode too political but personally I think this kind of thing needs to be highlighted.

Once Sean ditched the car he was able to either get a lift-off a trucker or carry on, either way, he still gets to his destination and soon realises Haven Point is a cult where Daniel is being used for the leaders sneaky devices and he wasn't ok with this, Daniel belonged with him, not with some stranger who is using him and he kicks off when they won't let Daniel come with him. Daniel didn't seem too fussed about Sean going because he had been manipulated so much, kids are so impressionable and once you get them to trust you then you can make them believe whatever you want and Sean knew it was going to be hard to get through to him. After being chucked out his mum helps him which was a huge shock, she had heard about what was going on from Jacob and decided she needed to help.

Sean wasn't too pleased to see his mum but do you blame him? She abandoned her family to go off and live her life and put everything on their dad's shoulders but he managed to raise the boys as best as he could. He had a lot of questions for her and she said she would answer them, I don't really want to go into all that because it's multiple choice when it comes to what you ask and the story is about Sean and Daniel and how Sean would do anything to protect his brother. I'm glad their mum chose to step up but she could have done this sooner. She has no idea about Daniels powers and Sean hasn't filled her in yet so she is clueless about what she's heading into. 

Sean, his mum, and Jacob come up with a plan to get back into Haven Point and get both Sean and Jacob's sister who is ill and needs medical help, they manage to find the records on both Jacob and his sister and realise jacobs sister had pneumonia and needs medical help right away. Jacob goes off to get her whilst Sean and his mum go into the church to get Daniel, it doesn't go to plan and the boys mum realises how special Daniel really his when things start to get heated. A fire ends up breaking out which leads to things getting more stressful for Daniel and when it finally clicks that he was being used after Sean takes a beating Daniel just wants revenge.

Sean doesn't want Daniel to be a killer and playing as Sean I decided to kill the cult leader and take on that burden so Daniel wouldn't have to, what worried me was how this was all going to mentally affect Sean, he has gone through a lot too and now has to deal with murdering someone. I loved this episode, it made up for how slow E3 was and definitely has moved things along for us to get to the last episode where the boys hopefully reach Mexico. I personally give this episode 4/5 it was packed full of information about the boys mum and showed what Sean was willing to do to save Daniel, once I have rated all 5 of the episodes I shall no longer be using ratings so I'm keeping the rating system just for Life is Strange 2 for now.


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