Don't Knock Twice | Nintendo Switch Review.

Monday 15 July 2019

Publisher: Wales Interactive
Developer: Wales Interactive
Nintendo Switch Review

I saw the movie of this game a while ago and I didn't enjoy it, it didn't scare me if anything it felt a bit like your typical jump scare kind of movie trying to evoke  fear but not working very well, because of this I didn't have high hopes for the game but I still wanted to try it out as it didn't look very scary and I will be able to deal with that. This game is basically a walking sim so you will be spending most of your time going around in circles much like myself in order to find clues about what has gone on in the house, your phone helps you with clues and explaining the story.

This is meant to be a horror game so there are some aspects of suspense at the start of the game which quickly wears off. I once said I disliked walking sims when I reviewed Everybody's Gone to The Rapture but they have slowly grown on me in a way I thought they never would and then I played this game. Your role in the game is to play as a mother named Jess, she made a choice to give away her daughter at a very young age but now wants a relationship with her. Your daughter is named Chloe and Jess takes it upon herself to find out what has happened to her and tries to save her.

The game throws you right into the darkness straight away, the house gets more and more dark and mysterious as you progress, I found myself searching every inch of the house in order to find out what to do next and eventually came across a number of cursed items that I had to put in a circle and summon the monster who may or may not have Chloe. Your phone is your friend and will help you light the way when you don't have a candle but the battery does start to drain, when you put it away and open it again it will battery again. There are also a number of weapons you can use such as an Axe to break door handles of locked rooms, I found an Axe pretty early on and decided to use it to bash open as many handles as I could in case I end up losing it, which I did a couple of times.

Within 30 minutes of playing the game, the suspense wore off and I found myself bored of the house except for when the phone buzzed as it was an indicator that I was closer to finding the objects I needed with the hints provided. I scare very easily so I was on my guard a lot of the time only to be disappointed with the jump scares. I ended up knowing the house inside within those 30 minutes out even though I missed a lot of collectibles because I ended up going over and over the same rooms I became frustrated and hoped that a monster would come to chase me through the house.

I hated the controls, I found myself constantly dropping my weapons and finding it awkward to try to pick them up again, I never got used to them for the whole of the game which was a shame. One main thing I have to applause them on is the detail of the house and how comfy and homely they made it feel even though there was a dark presence that surrounds it. The moon that casts its light over the house was beautiful and I loved how the light would spill into a room, especially when it was so much pretty than the light from a fire, phone or candle.

It's obvious that this game demonstrates that even though Jess gave Chloe up she is willing and ready to help her now but it feels like the game is saying it's a little too late for that but Jess presses on and still tries. After I finished the game I found out that there are two different endings and thanks to my axe disappearing when I accidentally dropped it I never got the best of endings, I ended up looking online to see what I did wrong and I can honestly say I can't be bothered to try again because the game wasn't enjoyable enough.

I think if I had played this game on PSVR I would probably have seen it in a different light because I would be up close experiencing it, unfortunately, the VR makes me too sick to play it so I settled for the Nintendo Switch version. All in all, it wasn't really my kind of game, wasn't the best horror game but the detail that went into it was amazing so I give this game 2/5 stars.


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