Sex Sells. That's Just the Way it is.

Monday 15 July 2019

Back in the 80's adverts for games and TV adverts in general weren't as strict as they were now and people had a lot more free reign when it came to showing off games and it could be pretty sexist, these days the ASA are hot on the trail of those who try to push their luck and there are a lot more guidelines to follow especially because we are more aware of how impressionable adverts can become. These days gaming adverts tend to just focus on game content and the actual product with a child playing the game or playing a console in a family environment when I take a look at adverts created over 30 years ago it's clear who they're aimed at and it wasn't children.

This isn't to say that games don't have a sex element in order to sell them these days but usually those who do have rules over what is acceptable to be advertised and usually we find out how objectifying a game is once we have played it or shown some gameplay of it rather than it being the main focus with the exception of some games whose protagonists are made sexy for a game and there is no hiding that in a trailer such as Lollipop Chainsaw (which is a good game). Objectifying women in order to sell is something that isn't unheard of, other adverts push the limits but because gaming is mostly aimed at children they seem to have stricter rules which is understandable.

There is no denying that people love to see a sexy character and if they're able to play as that character that's even more pleasing, I can remember when I first had a chance to play the game, Heavenly Sword, the thing that I noticed first was how little Nariko was wearing compared to the characters she was fighting, it makes me laugh how female characters are given so little to wear in terms of armour in some games compared to the men which obvious is something that needs to change, women are more than just their body and deserve just as much protection as men when it comes to battles, they aren't invincible because they have skin on show you know! It's not just women that are used to market in a sexy way, there have been plenty of times when men were the main focus and dressed in basically nothing too, especially when it comes to underwear adverts. 

Belle Delphine is all over the media at the moment, she certainly knows how to get peoples tongues wagging! She knows she is sexy and there is no way in denying that and she is now making money by selling her bath water which is a great little money maker for her, she knows her audience well and knows the right things to sell to them in order to make money. One thing that did annoy me was the use of gamer girl it doesn't resonate well with me because of the hate that comes along with it, but the words will specifically stand out to those who like sexy gamer girls and sell like hotcakes. I personally think the word needs to stop being used especially when we are in an era when more females are playing games than ever and should just be considered gamers but then again I guess it comes down to what a person wants to be called.

There is a very lucrative market when it comes to sex and this can be anything from half-naked women to seductive scenes and game covers, some people much like myself would like to see a change because it makes women seem like pieces of eye candy and meat when that shouldn't be the case we live in the year 2019 and have fought enough for the right to be more than just an object to men. I think we are quite lucky in the UK because our adverts could be worse and much more sexist if it wasn't for the rules that we have in place, the main rule being: [Advertisements] must not include gender stereotypes that are likely to cause harm, or serious or widespread offenceIt's great that there are set rules in place when it comes to adverts because some things just go too far below I've listed a few banned videos for being well too raunchy:

My point of this post is even though I'm not a fan of how women are portrayed in order to sell, there is always going to be someone or a company that uses this tactic in order to make sales but people need to learn how to treat women even if they're portrayed as meat. What are your thoughts on this topic?


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