Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp | Review.

Monday 4 December 2017

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development
Mobile Game

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of animal crossing pocket camp and the day finally arrived, I was a bit sad that Australia got it before us but I didn't give in and make another account from the location instead I decided to wait. I discovered animal crossing back when I owned my first Nintendo ds I purchased Animal Crossing Wild World then I got animal crossing New Leaf for Nintendo 3ds and eventually my parents got us Animal Crossing City Folk for the Wii. People would tell me how much of a pointless game it was and why I shouldn't play it but honestly, I found it to be one of the most relaxing and cute games I had played besides Harvest Moon. This version of Animal Crossing is a free mobile game that has all the same kind of elements as the other games but a lot more stripped back, you will be pleased to find a lot of the old faces from previous games who you meet along the way whilst levelling up.

As soon as I downloaded the game I was hooked, I levelled up pretty fast as I tried to rush through the game to see a new character arriving each time I went up a level, although this did take a few hours as I had to wait for them to arrive once I unlocked them. Animal Crossing pocket camp is all about camping a little different to the usual Animal crossing but you are still able to buy clothes, complete tasks, catch fish/bugs and collect fruit, but there one big main change, you will need to collect certain fish/fruit/bugs and even shells in order to be given supplies from the characters for you to craft furniture for your campsite and camper van. The rewards vary with each character you do a task for but you will always be given bells in return for doing tasks, on top of all this you can invite the characters to your campsite but only if you have created and added certain furniture to your campsite which does get irritating.

Just like the older games you are able to take a loan out to expand and customise but this time you are expanding your campervan not home and I've found it pretty easy to pay off the loans I have taken out for my camper van so far, the reason I have always liked this feature in Animal Crossing is because I feel it teaches people how to manage their money and save up to pay back a loan which is a great life skill for the younger generation to learn especially from a video game. Some of the time you will find yourself at a standstill as you have to wait for fruit to grow back and run out of room, you can either sell them/put them in your market box or use leaf tickets to buy more room for your inventory, most of the time I usually sell the fish or bugs and keep the fruit and shells stocked up.

At one stage I found myself spending way too many leaf tickets and because they are harder to earn than bells I have found myself trying to save them up otherwise I would end up using real money to invest in more leaf tickets and I don't really want to do that just yet. The higher your level gets the longer it starts to get to try and level up and you end up having to perform more and more tasks in order to fill the level bar, as far as I know, the level cap is 60 and I'm 40 levels away from it right now, as well as completeling tasks/ timed goals and stretch goals in order to get rewards you will find that you can perform certain missions which are listed on your nintendo profile to get leaf points, I have just over 500 of these and with these points you can buy materials, leaf tickets, bells and itens of clothing. I like being able to visit friends and being able to add friends but there isn't a lot you can do when you visit besides give them kudos and check out their market box, it would be nice if they made it so you could do tasks together.

For those who don't own a Gamecube/Nintendo DS or Wii and still want to play Animal Crossing, Pocket Camp is a great alternative to this, I know a lot of the hype for it is slowly starting to die down but I'm still playing it in the hopes to get to level 60, I plan on exhausting every single task. I have seen a lot of people saying they don't get this game or it's boring but what you have to understand is those of us who have been playing Animal Crossing for so long do enjoy it and don't need to be told that we should stop playing it because you think its crap. The game to me is a nice little time waster but in a good way, it's not too hard and catching bugs and fish has been made a lot easier for people now, I would have loved another Animal Crossing to be released for console but for now (until I reach level 60) I'm happy to play Pocket Camp. For me the game has been made far too easy and I like the challenge of catching a fish or bug without an exclamation mark and it still keeps crashing, for a mobile game they have made it work very well so I give this game: 

Elle May



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