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Monday 16 October 2017

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Minecraft, Terraria and Roblox are some of the most popular games out right now, they are games most parents are happy to let their kids play because not only can they be creative but they can also let their imagination run wild, I've spoken about Minecraft a few times now and how I think it's one of those games that are safe enough for parents to let their kids play. I'm a 29 year old woman who loves to play it myself, I would spend a lot of time making castles, houses and pixel art but I first started on the Xbox 360 and went on to get it for PS3, the great thing was I could Transfer my PS3 saves to my PS4 and carry on a newer console from where I left off on PS3. Since Minecraft has blown up again I have seen a lot of merchandise for it around, given it's gone up in price over the years and parents are being driven mad for all the cool merchandise from the Creepers to the Minecraft mystery keyring bags.

Although there is a lot is a lot of merchandise out there isn't much in terms of Minecraft outfits, and  Ruth saw this when her son wanted to dress up as a Minecraft character for World Book Day she decided she could change that and saw a great opportunity to start selling box heads which you and your kids can create on to make the square pixel head of your choosing, and that's how *Boxhead craft's started life. When she contacted me asking if I would like to try them and checked them out I thought why not? I have a lot of parents who love to read my blog and a lot of them have kids who love Minecraft, Terraria and Roblox and what with Halloween coming up it's a great opportunity to have these on my blog, not all kids want to be scary for Halloween!

It took fairly quick for the package to arrive, I was sent two but I plan on keeping one to give away to a friend or family member to try! They come flat packed with a plastic cover over it, the instructions for the Box heads are on a separate piece of paper that comes included inside the plastic casing when I took the box out of the casing I realised the flaps go at the top of the box and the bottom stays open for you to pop your head in. Although they don't come with eye holes you can easily make some out of two of the squares that are printed on that box which an adult should do as the cardboard is too thick for a child to try and puncture to create a hole. These box heads do NOT come with felt tips, you can use paint, crayons, pencils, even cut out coloured paper to stuck on squares to create a pixel face, I'm also aware that my colouring in is shocking, the felt tips I was using were rubbish.

I chose to create a Creeper head on my box, I love them and think they're adorable even if I spend a lot of my time booping them and watching them blow up (I'm so mean I know), there are four sides to the box (obviously) so you can create four different faces if you like or even just make one and colour in the other sides to create the sides and back of your box head, I will most likely be colouring in 3 more sides and one will most definitely be an emoji face. Not only do Boxhead Craft sell box heads but more recently they have started to sell T-shirts which have a blank box head on which your kids or you can colour in to create your very own box head to wear along with your cardboard box head. If you would like to order yours from Boxhead Craft they are on over to their Etsy, they are £8 each and the T-shirts are £12 each, you will also notice they provide packages for parties which are 10 box heads for £60 or the playdate package of two box heads for £12. These are really quirky, cute and fun and Boxhead Craft is the only blank box head manufacturer in the world, they are worth the price and would make the perfect dress-up outfit for all sorts of occasions.

Elle May

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