My blog has been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2018!

Tuesday 5 December 2017

Hey everyone, the other day voting went live for the Uk Blog Awards and my blog has been nominated for the categories Digital & Technology and Lifestyle, this is only the first round but I'm still so excited to see the outcome not just for me but for the wonderful people who are also in it! I did a post before about why not winning an award isn't the end of the world and I still stand by that even though I would love to have a chance to even be shortlisted in the UK blog awards. This year I have had a lot of doubt in myself when it came to my blog but I shook that doubt off and got out my content out for all to read, reviewing games has been a hard prospect at times because you get a lot of people stating your opinion is wrong because they don't agree I've always tried my best to ignore these remarks and stick at it, I actually changed my content over a year ago and decided I wanted my blog to reflect me and my interests more than anything and it's grown more than I thought it would.

It's coming up to my sixth year of blogging, when I first started it was just an outlet to help my depression, my sister suggested it as she blogged herself. She was a great blogger and eventually stopped but I stuck at it and because of that push she gave me blogging has become something more than just a place of my own to write. It's brought me new friendships, opportunities and ways to raise awareness for things that matter dearly to me. This year I decided to speak out against people's sexist comments in regards to women in the gaming industry, I'm now an advocate for women in gaming who want to be seen as gamers and gamers alone. The amount of abuse women get daily due to enjoying games/writing about even streaming is shocking, I've seen so many remarks such as "you only game for attention"/ "you get followers because you have boobs" I think this needs to stop, our assets don't need to be brought into things we don't use them to game with.

I also have blogged and written for websites (can be found in My Work section) about accessibility in the gaming world, to me there isn't enough change for all people to play and it's about time that the gaming world thought more about the disabled demographic and how they can make gaming accessible to them. Why should they be restricted and unable to enjoy something they love. As well as discussing gaming/tech/movies/tv shows I do delve into my life and have spoken in depth about Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and it affects not only on me but other women who face HG throughout their pregnancy. I raised just over £200 with the help of my friends/family and following for the Pregnancy Sickness Support charity who are there to help women who suffer from HG. Without them, I would have never known there was a walk in clinic for fluids and meds to help with HG near me. I hope to be able to raise more money again next year and raise as much more awareness for HG as I can.

Although I do struggle with my health at times my followers have helped me a lot, I have times where I wanted to give in and stop blogging and they have encouraged me to not quit because of how much hard work I've put into my blog, if it wasn't for friends/family and followers I most definitely wouldn't be where I am today with my blog so I want to thank them. Even if I don't win I have had so many lovely people say they have voted for me and that's what matters most.

Your vote would mean the world to me
Elle May


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