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Tuesday 31 October 2017

*This product was sent to me for free, all opinions are my own for more info please check out my contact & disclaimer

I just want to start this post off by saying I'm NOT pregnant and would like it if people refrained from assuming I am from this blog post. A few months now I got in contact with a brand called *Pink Stork after talking about when I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and how there isn't enough help for women who suffer from it, after talking about this they asked if I would like to collaborate with them on a post about them and their products even though I'm not pregnant. I was more than happy to oblige seeing as I want more focus on HG. Pink Stork is a company started by Amy, she is a mother of 4 who suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum much like me, because of how badly she suffered she started up Pink Stork solutions to help other women who suffer from HG, morning sickness. She got a team together to try to find a better and healthier way to help HG and morning sickness and since then it has grown and helped many women.

They asked me if I would like to try any of their products as they aren't just for the use of pregnant women, I suffer badly with vertigo and it makes me vomit along with that my NCS can make me vomit too and I usually take tablets to calm it all down and help it, I decided I would give the Pink Stork morning sickness tea a go seeing as it looked very promising. I did have to wait a while as there was a huge problem with my post, sometimes none of it turns up so I contacted Pink Stork and they were very lovely and understanding about it. The tea came 2 weeks ago now and I wanted to give it a couple of weeks before writing up a post so I could be honest about it.

This tea came in a very cute tin which includes 10 bags of biodegradable tea bags that can make 30 cups of tea so they are reusable for up to 3 times and you can drink it hot or cold, it's made from black tea and ginger, now I know what a lot of HG sufferers are thinking, ginger is vile and makes them vomit more and for me this was the case and I know vertigo is very different but I've always hated ginger tea and it's always made me want to be sick even from just smelling it. This tea is actually masked with the smell and taste of peaches so I didn't taste any ginger at all, I have seen a lot of reviews that the tea helps take the edge off their HG but it's a short-term fix which is something at least, I would try anything to be able to make HG even slightly better that wouldn't involve me having to be stuck in hospital and being able to get myself under some sort of control (which is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to HG). The morning sickness tea is vegan and can also be used for:

  • Morning Sickness
  • Constipation
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Indigestion
  • Inflammation
  • Hydration

For my vertigo and NCS this tea really did help take the edge off, it's hard enough to try and swallow anything when you are being sick but I was able to take small sips of this tea slowly instead of trying to take a tablet which I couldn't swallow properly due to needing to be sick right after. I've noticed that if I drink this tea the first thing in the morning it helps a lot more than when I drink it at any other time, even though there are only 10 tea bags in the pot I think that being able to use them up to 3 times will help them last around a month, they are $11.99 so a bit pricey but I personally think they are worth the price considering I can drink them rather than have to take my vertigo tablets to keep it under control. I wasn't sure at first how to be able to reuse the teabags at first but I discovered that drying it out on a plate or putting it in my travel mug and leaving the bag in it to reuse until the mug is finished worked just fine.

One of the things I like about Pink Stork is that they have a free download that gives you tips on how to combat or get your morning sickness under control, I know this doesn't always help those who have HG but I know a lot of pregnant women appreciate any tips they can get when it comes to morning sickness. If Pink Storks products don't meet your standards they even allow you to send the products back and get your money back within 30 days which I think it's an acceptable time to wait to see if the products are right for you, they don't mind if the products are open and they will pay for shipping back to them. I don't know if they ship to the UK although they did to me, you could always pop them an email about it but from there check out info the ship in US and Canada.

If you would like more info on Pink Stork head on over to their website HERE.

Elle May


  1. This is such a good idea. I'm so glad that more awareness is being raised for HG as I cant even begin to imagine how horrendous it is. This tea sounds pretty good for sickness in general though and that tin is adorable.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. wow I never saw this comment, it's a good tea and i know you love tea haha xx


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