Bem Feito | Nintendo Switch Review

Thursday 30 November 2023

Publisher: QUByte Interactive, oiCabie
Developer: oiCabie
Nintendo Switch Review

*Disclaimer: I was sent the code for this game in return for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

I was fooled by this game, not only did I think it would be a chilled game I thought it was a cosy one too, damn you Bem Feito for deceiving me, that's not to say I didn't enjoy it, in fact I had a great time playing and discovering what was in store fore me. This is what I get for applying for a game and not spoiling it for myself. I'm not still not sure how to talk about this game without spoiling it for others, I will try to do my best, so here goes peeps; Bem Feito is a classic game originally released in 1999 on the handheld console JOGOROTO which has now been ported to all the latest platforms. I have never heard of this handheld device before and went on a search to find out why I hadn't, especially as I live with a retro loving gamer. Alas, there wasn't much I could find out making my search come to an end.

Back to the game! When I started the game I was met by a classic virtual desktop with several files on screen some you won't be able to access without a password, one of the files is the emulated game itself which I found quite clever and nostalgic. Although this game was originally created in 99 it was all the 80s vibes I could ever wish for. When the emulated version of Bem Feito loads from the Garotron OS you're met with a 32-bit sim character called Reginaldo, you control him and help him complete daily tasks on his list located on the fridge. Some of the tasks are comprised of fishing, cutting the law, picking fruit and much more.

Whilst finding out how I complete chores there was a lot of clicking in random places on my end, I wanted to find out what everything did even after opting to be shown via the tutorial, this is triggered when you leave the house for the first time. When I popped outside I found a box full of random tools which were to help me complete the chores, they seemed very innocent and practical to any innocent player. Once chores are completed you go back in the house and choose to nap (instead of sleeping until the next day which is weird) when you awake you're met with yet more chores on the fridge, the strange thing is certain chores start to shake and look blurry upon the page, I was very oblivious to this and got back to my chores, until friends start to arrive and ask for some kind of help, which I obliged to, after all he was lonely and making friends couldn't hurt right? 

There are 7 days worth of chores to complete, each time you must nap and complete the chores, each day gets more and more weird and you can start to see why Reginaldo was alone in the first place. When Reginaldo has complete his 7 days you will be able to access files that were password protected before, you can go back into the game and replay to gather any achievements you missed previously, they may not be obvious but there is a way to see how many achievements you have left. When I get to the end of the game I got the weird feeling that we were merely spectators rather than controlling Reginaldo. The developers obviously wanted us there to keep him company and witness the truth which i'm still thinking about days later.

Controls are easy enough to use and get to grips with, although there are no instructions to tell you what buttons do what, press A on the switch on random things will work. The soundtrack is very 80s and makes me want to travel back in time to have the 80s gaming experience, I was born in 88 so only ever got to have the 90s game experience onwards. This is one of them games that has innocent on the outside but sneaky when revealing itself once you want to find out more about it. I for one had a fun and slightly weirded out experience playing, it took me around 2 hours to complete making it an easy one for players to collect trophies and achievements on. i played this version of the game on Nintendo Switch which is available for £13.49, I would happily play it again on Playstation which you can buy it on for a slightly cheaper price of £11.99.

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