Life of Delta | PS5 Review

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Developer: Daedalic Entertainment & Airo Games
PS5 Review

*Disclaimer: I was sent the code for this game in return for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

This adorable post apocalyptic game by the name of Life of Delta is a point and click puzzle/adventure game that consists of 28 hand painted levels and 50 mini games/puzzles. Each level brings you closer to finding your friend Joe who has gone missing, this brave little robot has no fear of what lies in his pat, he is determined to find his buddy no matter what it takes. The world that surrounds him is in a very sorry state and has been for years, humans seem to be long gone, in their place are humanoid lizards which were the result of a nuclear fallout and a vast number of decaying robots. Delta must use his wit and knowledge to find where his friend is.

Puzzles and mini games are the main focus within the story, there is limited exploration and players are given enough environment surrounding them to work with. I was so sure my ability to solve any puzzles within this game would be met with failure, luckily i was able to work them out pretty easily. Most of the time I found myself grabbing objects I had collected and waving them over areas I hoped they would make a connection. Once you understand how to connect objects together and what goes where the game play becomes a breeze.  

I was waiting for the mini games and puzzles to get harder, in all honesty I would say that the difficulty stayed the same through my whole gameplay. I would mainly stand still to gather my thoughts whilst looking at my surroundings in order to get my brain engaged and take time to figure out what I was missing and not seeing in front of me right away, there isn't a hint system, you're relying on yourself to figure this out. There was no frustration in solving, in fact there is an option to skip certain parts if players do find it too difficult, this is limited to a few puzzles/mini games though. One part of the game I was terrible at was a game of Pong on an old arcade machine, no matter how many time I played I lost, I chose to use the skip feature for this, Those who love to solve puzzles and have mastered them will probably find it pretty simplistic, there are various kinds I played through, from helping fix a ship to making a potion to cure a cow (yes there are cows, very strange cows).

The atmosphere around me felt somewhat like one from Star Wars, this is far from a bad thing, the language spoken and the way the world worked was what initially gave me this thought, it was a good move having them speak in a different tongue to the human kind, don't worry though, there are subtitles! Delta forms many different friendship along the way. Working together to help one another sets a beautiful notion that these robots are more than just metal, they have care and consideration for one another, I loved listening to their unique stories and how Delta could help them and vice versa. 

Is this game accessible for everyone? No, there are elements that can make the game accessible such as skipping certain puzzles and changing font size but this game won't be playable to everyone. It's a delightful game to play through but some will find the puzzles harder as will those who cant see the writing on the colour backdrop. There is a way to change cursor sensitivity which was a big help for myself this can be changed in settings along with font size. Players can view their missions by simply pressing L2, they will have to press it again in order to close it, the button system is very simplistic as you can see in the image below:

The hand drawn backgrounds of a post-apocalyptic Japan are pretty cool, the detail that has gone into them make you feel bad for the world Delta is having to live in, yet. you can still see some beauty that surrounds him at times. Daedalic Entertainment teamed up with Airo games to bring us Life of Delta, Daedalic Entertainment have a diverse amount of games they have published and developed such as Hidden Deep and Silence (which I reviewed HERE). Airo Games, are a group of young artists, programmers, designers, sound designers and composers based in United Kingdom, Slovakia, Poland and Vietnam who have pulled together a beautiful tale of a little robot who happens to be braver than I have ever been in my life. The story may have took me around 3 hours to finish but it was complleing and one I would happily play again, the story seemed a little unfinished, which makes me think is there more to come? I hope the answer to this is yes. 

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