I Love The Cosy Life.

Wednesday 10 January 2024

*This post contains a gifted item

The constant hate I've seen towards cosy gamers is rather alarming, it's sad to see people so set on bringing others down over how they choose to game or what genre of game they prefer. Some like having a challenge, some like playing as a group but others like me like to sit down and chill with a game and not be met with constant obsticables/stress and that's ok. There are a vast amount of game genres, there are more now than I noticed in previous years and this is probably down to gaming changing and evolving. Also genres were pretty simplistic and usually under one term such as shooter, adventure etc giving it a general genre term for people to search. Cosy Gaming has a lot of sub genres, for instance there are cosy farming games, cosy text based games, usually these kinds of games are a slower pace and have very aesthetic or simplistic visuals that make me feel calmer. 

As a child I played a lot of chilled out games on my PC, you know the free Flash Games you could access on websites. Given most of them were based around makeup and fashion, they were a good way for me to chill out after school. For those who still love these nostalgic games, some of them are still available to play, and yes I still go back and play them now and then! One of my favourite games to play was the Eastenders dress up game, I found it hilarious. Flash Games have also been something I've considered as a chilled back type of game, it wasn't until I was older that I realised I was using them the same way as what we now consider to be a Cosy game. My sisters and I would often play together not only on the PC but also on our consoles, we'd spend hours upon hours taking it in turns on games based around simulation, adventure, education, dance and much more, spending that time with my sisters are some of my favourite memories. 

Yes, there can be a lot of dislike towards Cosy Gaming because it's seen as easy and not real games, who are we to say what a real game is and isn't? If you're actively playing then why wouldn't you consider that to be a game? I've found it's helped with stress and anxiety on a massive level. Being able to sit down and put my worries to the back of my mind whilst slowing down has reduced my anxiety tenfold, it's created a calm and happier environment for me to cherish and use as a coping mechanism. I can be a bit of a hermit, usually found wrapped in my blankets or wearing something cosy playing some sort of game that is of a cosy origine. I can't get comfortable unless I'm in comfy clothes, such as this cute sweatshirt I was kindly sent from Lighthousecute sweatshirt I was kindly sent from Lighthouse, it's so soft, comfy and cute (on me). It's pretty bitter now we have reached the winter months so I'm grateful I was able to add this gorgeous sweatshirt to my cosy/comfy clothes collection, it will be getting a lot more love!

There are several cosy games I go back and forth on, they have become a comfort blanket for me as they're familiar and easy enough for me to concentrate on even on rubbish days where I want to lock myself away. Some of which are: Disney Dreamlight Valley, Animal Crossing games (I play different versions of the games depending on my mood), Stardew Valley, Minecraft, My Time in Portia, Cozy Grove, Harvest Moon games (too many to name) and more recently a free online game called Palia which has taken over my life and I will be reviewing at some point. Being able to cosy up in my own element and escape to another world is freeing, I do the exact same thing when it comes to reading. It feels almost like I have more control over my life when I'm in my own cosy world, this helps more than anyone will every understand especially when I start to doubt my self worth. 

The cosy aesthetic has become more than just a genre in my life, I love the whole Hygge lifestyle so much so that I have adopted some of the ways it's used in my everyday life. You may read this thinking "She's so basic" and that's fair enough, yet some people don't realise how using something in your life to help curb your worries and anxiety can be a life changer. Hygge is from Denmark, it means (in simple terms) creating a cosy atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life. This perfectly captures what Cosy Gaming/living is for me, I'm able to appreciate a slower pace whilst snuggled up in a calm and happy environment. 

Here in Cornwall they have a word for Cosy too, its called "Klys" which means to make snug as well as cosy and snug. It perfectly captures what I love which is why I have another blog under the name The Klys Selkie which is all about my Cornish life by the sea. Living in Cornwall slowed down my life lot, it helped me appreciate the little things in life rather the fast pace of the London life and the need to keep up. There would be times where I would stress myself out and panic over trying to keep up with what others are doing, that fear of missing out is gone now, I choose comfort and my own mental health over all else. If snuggling up with a game helps with slowing down my mind especially when my anxiety is at an all time high then that is what you will find me doing, along with a cup of tea and a book. 

Have a cosy day


  1. Happy New Year Elle! 💖
    Yay for cozy gaming! Sorry to hear you've been seeing a lot of hate towards cozy gamers. You described this genre perfectly though, it's a lovely lifestyle and one I enjoy, especially with my recent health issues.

    I hope you are keeping cozy and snug in your new sweatshirt and playing the games you enjoy! Look forward to your Palia review, I played it a little bit but will probably need some pointers and Disney Dreamlight Valley is still on my to be played list haha. The cozy backlog is real.


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