Silence: The Whispered World 2 | PS4 Pro Review

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment GmbH
Developer: Daedalic Entertainment GmbH
PS4 Pro Review

Every month I browse different gaming stores to see if anything peaks my interest, I came across a game called Silence on the Steam store on offer but I wasn't able to play due it not supporting my version of Mac software which made me slightly sad until I checked the Playstation store where it was also on offer for 2 pounds and that price I had to. Bare in mind I did check out some gameplay and trailers before hand to make sure I would like it and it stood out to me, looked a little clunky but I can cope with that in games so long as the storyline is good then i'm all over it. Silence is a point and click game in a dark and tainted world where two siblings are trying their best to survive, from what I know there was another game before Silence called The Whispered World, I only found this out when I read up about it after I finished the game, the first game is only available on PC/Steam so I may just have to play it on that.

Noah and Reinie are the two siblings Silence focuses on, they are in a world plague with war and monsters, the siblings locked themselves in a bunker due to the bombs dropping, it must have been such a scary and daunting thing to go through and Noah is so lovely and caring towards his sister even though he is just as terrified of what is going on around him, Renie comes first. Their relationship throughout the game shows how strong a sibling bond can be, working together in a terrifying situation brings them all the more closer which is why the true story is even more heartbreaking.

Once Noah awakes after the bombs have been dropped he finds himself alone in the bomb shelter, moving around in the dark he tries to silence the TV so the monsters can't hear him and he knows he needs to find his sister as soon as he can. Whilst looking for her he comes across an egg which later hatches and is relieved as the kids little green friend Spot the caterpillar who becomes their sidekick. As a player I thought about whether or not Renie was actually still alive and if we would end up finding out the bombs sadly killed her but luckily this wasn't the case, the gang have a bigger purpose and death was never an option.

Renie, Noah and Spot all come across other characters who are willing to help them all whilst trying to find a safe haven from monsters and the madness around them. These added characters build a story that unravels and reveals the true nature of who Renie truly is but the one thing about all this is I wish I knew the backstory of both Noah and Renie and to do that you would have needed to play The Whispering World, luckily the game Silence has its own story so you won't have needed to play the first game anyways, it's just my wishful thinking. There isn't any character development for the side characters but that's because we build upon the story soley built around Noah and Renie, the game may look like they're just orphans yet when it uncovers the true story you begin to see them in another light.

The story is easy to follow but what I found wasn't as easy was the point and click controllers not doing as I asked, yes point and click games are one of the easiest kinds to play, this doesn't account for how clunky it felt and how clueless I was when I had to solve a puzzle which turned out to be so simple to do once I worked it out, you are given some hints though. Playing as Noah Renie and Spot, who that can change his shape and adapt in order to help Noah and Renie gave all 3 protagonists the right amount of play time, I prefered Spot out of all of them, for something so tiny and cute he has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. The voice acting felt a bit out of place if I'm honest, it never felt like it blended in enough with the music or suited the characters, it felt too forced if I'm honest.

Although Silence is a point and click game you have the ability to wonder around your surroundings, it's easy to accidentally click on an option you have already chosen when interacting with something if it's close to another interaction which was mildly annoying. Puzzle Mini games are a huge part of your game play, there is an option to skip the mini game but I never pressed it to find out what happened.Whilst swapping characters the players can explore the beautiful surrounds which look like paintings, there is a purpose for almost everything you come across helping Spot, Noah and Renie all work together as a team. 

Dialogue options are great yet never add up to much or give any consequences, once I realised this I wasn't too concerned with what option I chose until I reached the end of the game and found out there were two endings depending on what the character says, I went back so I could choose the other option to see what happens which created the opposite outcome to my first choice. I'm glad I gave Silence a chance and would like to have seen where the ending took me eventually, after having a browse online I don't think there will be much chance in that happening. If you want to check Silence out it's available to play on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and on Steam, there are trophies and achievements to get on both Xbox and PS4!


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