Love Animals? Why Not Check These Games Out!

Tuesday 27 April 2021

If I had it my way I would fill my house up with animal homeware and i'm not on about the animal print kind i'm talking about pictures, plant pots, cushions of actual animals and even though I have a fair amount of this stuff already it's just a dream, I can however get as many animal themed games as I could ever want and for today's topic I get to show you just some of the cute animal themed games featured at LundoCarraCon this year, I have only featured 4 in my post:

The other day I was out and about and me and my partner came across a little squirrel which we couldn't help but watch, there is something interesting about these furry little creatures that is so endearing to me. The game Nuts takes watching squirrels to a whole new level, your job is to survey the squirrels and report your findings, you will get to solve puzzles in the shape of placing your surveillance equipment in the right spot the get the findings you need, these findings center around where the squirrels are nesting and where they're hiding their nuts. It's a great game for people who love to watch animals and a great learning tool to watch them. The art style is mesmerising and eye catching, there are chapters to play through so it's more than it seems on the outside, plus the game has squirrels, the developers (Jonatan Van Hove, Joon, Pol, Muutsch, Char & Torfi, Pol Clarissou) thought out of the box for this one!


I'm so pumped for the game Teacup, it's just too cute not to include and everything about it is nostalgic to my childhood, it's set out like a kids story book, this adorable narrative adventure has you playing as a shy little frog called Titular Teacup, she is very much like myself and loves drinking tea as well as reading, her and her friends all just as cute as another will be coming to her tea party very soon, unfortunately Titular realises she's out of tea and must go and find more by forging in the forest. The game focuses a lot on teamwork, characters will help you in return for a favour, some of these may be to organise or even to have a race! The developers Smarto Club certainly know how to pull an audience in with the beautifully orchestrated artwork, it's all so very wholesome.


Now we move on to a very different game about a tiny fox called Tunic, this game was first announced in 2017 and there is not much known about it except that it's an action adventure game centered around a fox, it's comparable to Zelda in some ways. It's mostly being kept a secret for those interested but there is a demo available to play, Tunic is a mixture of puzzle solving and combat with a story to progress in, the visuals are charming, colourful and distinctive, a lot of time and effort has been put into Tunic, the graphics stand out amongst the crowd and the way the light touches parts of the map within the game is stunning! I know this has been a long awaited game for a lot of people but it looks like the end is near, we have to remember that this game is being developed Andrew Shouldice alone so it was bound to take a while before we got a release date.


Beacon Pines is from the developers Hiding Spot Games, it takes place within a story book where the player is both the reader and main character called Luka, the book you're reading from is magical, your job is to find charms in order to change your fate and the world you're in. Luka is in a world where everything is untrustworthy and he must choose very carefully who to trust, complete the book by adding the missing word and if you don't like the fate that is chosen go back and choose another. I read it described as Winnie the Pooh meets Twin Peeks and I definitely agree with this, the illustrations give off a very eerie vibe and a sense of mystery which really appeals to me. Those who are book lovers will appreciate the way the story comes to life with the use of words, it's an interactive book we get to bring to life. 


Look out for my next review for the game Cozy Grove which will be posted either this week or next, be sure to also check out my friend Krista for her thoughts on the games featured at LudoCarraCon this year: Leeksplays.


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