5 Aesthetically Pleasing Narrative Games Featured At LudoNarraCon 2021.

Friday 23 April 2021

I've not been to a gaming event in a while and with all the restrictions going on I don't really want to but with events such as LudoNarraCon via Steam from Fellow Traveller it's the perfect way to be in on the action whilst not having to leave our homes, so what is it all about? LudoNarraCon celebrates narrative video games hosted on Steam it-s taking place between April 23rd - 26th, not only does this feature indie games to a wider audience but it also brings players, games journalists etc closer together to get a better understanding of what the games are about and the developers passion they have for what they created. Personally a digital convention like this stands out because how accessible it is for those who are disabled and can't walk around a gaming event all day, some may saying doing it digitally creates a barrier between those they want to interview but I disagree, Steam is all online so to incorporate the event online within Steam is a brilliant and innovative idea.

This year a game called Cyrano has been specifically made and featured for LudoNarraCon from developers Kind Words, the game is around an hour long and an adaption of a classic stage play called Cyrano De Bergerac, the play was original written in 1867 by Edmond Rostand. For developers to bring a play to life within a short video game can't have been an easy task but Kind Words have managed to orchestrate it wonderfully. The game features turn based battles and the ability to write your own love letters and win the heart of Roxanne who has her eyes set on another, this game is perfect for those who love writing!

There are over 40 games including Cyrano featured at this year's LudoNarraCon, I wanted to put together a random selection of 5 aesthetically pleasing narrative games out of them all, this was no easy task because all of them are very unique and stood out to me. There were two games I had already played, one being Paradise Killer which I thoroughly Enjoyed and have previously done a review for which you can find HERE. Then there is Cozy Grove which I have been playing since it was realised the other week, it's a game you play daily and complete tasks for whilst on a haunted island you're making home, I'm glad I ended up purchasing it! Below you will find the 5 games I found aesthetically pleasing:

I instantly wanted to give A Space For The Unbound a try as soon as I knew what it was about, I was able to try it out on Steam and I wasn't disappointed. This beautifully surreal pixel world centers around a boy and girl who are childhood sweethearts, together they make a great little team and it's clear they care for one another deeply. The game is set in the 90's in rural Indonesia, the couple are in possession of a magical book which allows them to take over someone's subconscious and manipulate them, it sounds creepy and is basically taking someone's free will away but there is a purpose to all of this. I really don't want to give too much away because it's such a beautiful game but the everything I have seen so far has sucked me in, from the music down to the pixel art.

What stands out to me is the game addresses anxiety and depression as well as issues surrounding a bad home life whilst delving into how the couple overcome them, with puzzles and an in depth story to experience A Space For The Unbound is one people definitely shouldn't miss out on, right now on steam users are able to download the prologue chapter which is 15-20 minutes long depending on how long you take to look around and talk to townsfolk and pet cats and solve puzzles, it's enough time for someone like me to gage whether or not I want to play more. A trailer for A Space For The Untold was first released in 2015 from the developers Mojiken Studio who developed numerous other games such as: She and the Light Bearer, When The Past Was Around which all look equally as eye catching!


Cozy style Games stand out to me amongst the crowd, we all need time to wind down and take time away from real life, Forgotten Fields fits into this genre perfectly, it started out as a Kickstarter but has now been made a reality thanks to all the help the developers received from pledges. So what's it about? We meet Sid who is stuck in a rut and needs help getting out of it, as the player we get to help him achieve this even if he is very reluctant to do so. Sid needs help, he doesn't seem the kind of guy to let others offer hand but starts learning to, he begins to open up and you start to see another side to him. Due to this he starts to relax and enjoy the little things which helps him with his writing block, his creativity is literally in your hands.

When we talk about something being aesthetically pleasing this doesn't just mean how it looks for me it has to be a mixture of things and has to have a certain element to catch my eye much like Forgotten Fields, Sid learning to enjoy the small things made me feel a sense of calmness and happiness. The developers (Frostwood Interactive) really wanted to send a message which to me was: if you're stuck, look around you and take in what the world has to offer. I will be reviewing this game so keep your eyes peeled for it, I have so much more to say!


Noir is a genre I've always been drawn to whether that was movies, TV or games, there is something uthoric about them that draws me. You can do a lot with it and still it has a sense of mystery much like Genesis Noir which is from the developers Feral Cat Den, the protagonist is called No Man who is in the clutches of a bitter and intense love triangle and when confronted it takes you out of the norm and through time and space. Life is quite literally in your hand throughout your gameplay, you can destroy humanity, plant life, witness things only one could imagine ever seeing in their lifetime all whilst completing puzzles along the way.

The art style reminds me somewhat of the movie Soul, if you have seen it what I'm referring to is the Jerry characters from the movie! The concept of Genesis Noir is pretty cool to me, I love that it doesn't solely focus on No Man but also brings history into the focus. It's a point and click game so controls are basic to use for players, it's an art piece to put it frankly. Genesis Noir also started life out as a Kickstarter, it makes me so pleased to see when developers get the backing they need!


Here is one for those who love colouring books, it's me i'm one of them people! Chicory: A Colorful Tale from the developer Greg Lobanov is described as a top-down adventure game inside a colouring book world, how cool is that, an interactive game where you can colour! Whilst you brighten up the world using colour you solve puzzles and help friends along the way, Personally this adorable game is a paving stone for kids who love art and games, incorporating the two was a unique idea and reminds me a little of the Unfinished Swan. Whilst playing as a little dog (I think) you find out that all the colour from this world has gone missing along with the very talented Chicory, as her cleaner you're far from impressed with what's going on and go to find out but with no luck, you're given the chance to wield her brush and restore the world back to all it's glory.

Journing through the lands you will solve puzzles and change the environment around you with the touch of the paint brush, meet new friends along the way as well as be able to change and collect lots of items including clothes. Local co-op means lots of fun for both you and a friend. When you first start playing you're asked your favourite food, this will become your name throughout the game so choose something that you think will be fitting!


I feel like this post has become one based around lovers and relationships, it's not but this is another that is, I haven't had a chance to play a demo for this game but I have looked at the trailers for it and fell in love with it and the stunning environment was definitely aesthetically pleasing, that game is called Haven from the developers The Game Bakers, play as two characters Yu and Kay at the same time and experience a new life on a new planet together. This RPG adventure will feature enemies you go against, collecting materials to fix your broken ship and making the most of the time you have together, players can play Solo or co-op it's up to them on their preference, all around you there is a plethora of colours and beauty to take in.

Will their relationship be able to withstand this new world? That's for us all to find out, having control over a relationship like theirs will be interesting to say the least, I'm looking forward to being able to explore the open world and come across strange but cute creatures all whilst listening to the catchy soundtrack from the artist Danger!


LudoCarraCon is now in its 3rd year and is packed full of fun, you will get to take part in Q&A sessions talks and much more , if you want to see a full list of what is featured click HERE. To be part of the action why not download the supporters pack for £5.19 which includes Cyrano, soundtracks to the games featured and digital wallpapers which you can find HERE, if you merely want to check out the demos for some of the games featured this year click HERE, Fellow Traveller will keep everyone updated on their Twitter too! Watch out for other posts about more games that were featured at LudoCarraCon, there was such a wide variety and so many stood out to me. I appreciate all the hard work that developers put into making games and how lucky we are to have so many different kinds of genres to choose from! 


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