My Thoughts on the Latest PS5 Announcement.

Tuesday 16 June 2020

I'm sure a lot of us sat down to watch the games revealed for PS5, James, and I definitely did and we were not disappointed. I was worried that there wouldn't be much selection but I have been blown away by the different genres different players would be interested in playing and trying for the first time. For me and James, we have said from the start we would be getting a PS5 and that it will be a day one purchase for us but to share as the cost of it is pretty expensive and with the price on games on top it's going to be a very tight Christmas! Anyways I have put together a list of games I want to get and know more about that are coming to PS5 (as well as my thoughts on the PS5 design) and will add a list of all the games announced for PS5 so you can tell me which ones sound good to you.

Stray - developed by BlueTwelve Studio:

Anything to do with cats automatically makes me happy especially if it's a video game, I can remember a good few years ago video footage for this game appeared and teased not me just every other cat lover who is a gamer and I definitely wanted to know more. Four years on and we finally got to see what it was all about, back then it was called HK Project and looked just as stunning back then as it does now. The trailer didn't give too much away but it's clear from the name and footage you get to play as a cat in some kind of simulated world where the cat explores. The beautiful city is filled with bright lights and robots and gives off the feeling that the cat is on a mission to deliver something so perhaps you are a cat courier in a world of robots. The atmosphere that surrounds the game gives off a sense of seriousness, the cat looks like they know exactly where they're heading and I can't wait to see where this puss takes us!

Project Athia - developed by Square Enix:

This game takes place in a beautiful open world where a girl is said to not be in a world of her own and is there to take on a quest to resolve which will be tested and the truth will be questioned, I'm not sure if the characters name is Athia or not but it's clear that we play as her and are undertaking a big quest for answers whilst exploring a land full of beasts and some of the most appealing graphics I have seen in a game. The trailer is another one that doesn't give too much away and my main worry for this is that even though we have been shown the trailer we won't see the game for a long time yet. This isn't always a bad thing because we want developers to give us the best game they possibly can so I don't mind waiting if this is the case. 

Deathloop - developed by Arkane Studios:

Now, this is a game I never knew I needed, it's a groundhog kind of game and I am a huge fan of this kind of concept and this game reminds me of Oblivion and Happy Death Day's concept. It's your job to survive the loop and make it to the end and with the '70s style vibes going on it makes you feel like you're playing through your own movie. As the main player, we get to play as a guy called Colt who is the number one enemy on Blackreef, you will have to use different tactics in order to survive and not be taken back so you end up back where you started. There is also a pretty a badass assassin who will try and most likely succeed to take you out more then you would like to admit and it's said she may be controlled by another player making surviving that much harder for you! This will be one of the games I know I will get frustrated at but also have a blast playing, I also love the fact the game is diverse and not primarily full of white people because what we need to remember is representation in games when it comes to race, disabilities, gender, and ethnicities are important! 

Kena Bridge of Spirits - developed by Ember Lab:

This delightful looking game comes from a small team by the name of Ember Lab, the cute animations and delightful scenery make it easy to fall in love with, Kena looks like an interesting character who has their own powers which kind of reminds me of Fern Gully (loved the movies as a kid) in fact, this whole game gives off a Fern Gully vibe. The game is so aesthetically pleasing with the most adorable little creatures that seem to be the main feature within the game from the trailer, Kena also seems like a very determined and kind soul. The fighting mode in the trailer looks simple enough along with some cool mythical looking forest creatures you fight against, I'm looking forward to finding out the purpose of them and where Kena's journey takes her.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - developed by Insomniac Games.

Ok, yes I had to include this game, Marvels Spider-Man blew me away and I have every faith that Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be just as breathtaking. Unfortunately, there was a bit of confusion over this game even I was caught up in it, people were saying it was just an add on to Marvels Spider-Man and not a stand-alone game but it's been confirmed now that it is but with no further clarification which I don't mind too much as the mystery that awaits me when it comes to this game is exciting. Miles had a very cool personality in the game so it will be interesting to see what direction they take him in as Spider-Man within this game and how laid back he will be compared to Peter Parker. 

Sackboy a Big Adventure - developed by Sumo Digital:

I have been waiting for some news about Little Big Planet for AGES now and finally, I have the news I wanted to hear! Although this isn't Little Big Planet and it's a platform game just for Sackboy it uses a lot of the old mechanics, LBP has always been one of the games you could play for hours with people and it had the added bonus of creating your own levels which I'm hoping this game will implement too. The only thing is the game in the trailer looks like it focuses solely on platforming so those who are a big fan of platform games may want to give this one a go. Sackboy is such a little icon in my gaming world since I first played LBP and the games have always had more potential than people think. 


Overall there is a decent amount of games that have been announced on PS5 (some PS4 games branching over to PS5 too) here are all the confirmed games included ones I have mentioned. Let me know if I have missed any out, but as you can see from that list there seems to be something for everyone, not everyone is going to like the same genera and sometimes it's nice discovering something new that you didn't think you would like which is exactly why I love watching game announcements:

  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales 
  • Rachet and Clank: Rift Apart
  • Gran Turismo 7
  • Project Athia
  • Demon's Souls  
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure
  • Returnal
  • Destruction Allstars
  • Astro's Playroom
  • Godfall
  • Kena Bridge of Spirits
  • Quatum Error
  • Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One
  • Cris Tales
  • Resident Evil Village
  • Dustborn
  • Deathloop
  • Stray
  • Pragmata
  • Little Devil Inside
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo
  • Solar Ash
  • NBA 2K21
  • BugSnax
  • Goodbye Volcano High
  • Jett: The Far Shore
  • Oddworld Soulstorm
  • Hitman 3
  • Metal: Hellsinger
  • Chivalry 2
  • Dirt 5
  • Paradise Lost
  • Chorus
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
  • Madden 21
  • Assassin's Creed Valhalla
  • Observer: System Redux
  • Lord of The Rings: Gollum (I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS)
  • Outriders
  • GTA 5
  • Control
  • WRC 9
  • Destiny 2
  • Fortnite
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
  • Warframe
  • Gods & Monsters
  • Watch Dogs Legion

Moving on from the game side of things I wanted to mention the PS5 and the design, I wasn't expecting something that looks so slim and long and I'm not sure if it will fit in out TV unit but one thing I'm glad about is the stand it comes with, you have the option of standing it up or laying it down with the round looking stand that seems to be included in the PS5 and you won't have to purchase it separately. The accessories that the console comes with will more than likely cost a lot so I think perhaps for everything you would look at paying out A LOT of money but personally I won't be needing everything it comes with, I have a decent headset and will most likely use the one controller it will come with (I hope) until a better controller comes out.

I think it's pretty interesting that they went down the line of making one PS5 for digital-only and another for discs I will be getting the Disc version as I enjoy buying physical copies of the game, it's clear to see there is a slight difference in the PS5 designs as one is chunkier on one side for the disc try but I love that the stand slots in perfectly at an angle on one side under it to level it out when you lay it down. I would prefer if it was all in black, I have seen images of the console and controller all in black but I'm not sure if it's been confirmed that it's real yet. All in all, I'm over the moon over the PS5 announcement, it's awesome to see smaller developers games being announced in the mix too!  What game are you most looking forward top playing on PS5?


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