Don't Be A Dick | Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Thursday 26 March 2020

After much waiting we finally have Animal Crossing New Horizons, it's been released at the perfect time considering we can't leave our homes unless we have to so be able to get lost in AC has been a huge help. As soon as it arrived through the door I ignored what I was doing (watching something on Netflix) and played the game, I knew right away I was going to time travel, I know not everyone agrees with this but I only go a few days ahead at a time so that things in my shop unlock and people move in. With this I can get hold of more supplies which can be a pain grinding for so time traveling makes it a little less of a task, I usually will give my friends equipment they haven't got yet to make getting supplies a little easier such as the ladder, it helps them climb higher to get to more supplies so I feel like I'm giving back whilst getting what I need.

What I'm not on board with it opening my gate to friends on my Switch list and them taking whatever they want, I'm fine with letting them have some things but to a limit, as I need to grow my island and craft too, they need to respect that and grind themselves. One day I opened my gate and someone arrived, I had it set to my friend's list because I was sure I could trust them but unfortunately someone decided to be a dick and chop down lots of my trees and take the wood for themselves, all they left me was the stumps. Sure I can just replant them but a lot of the trees were from fruits I added to the island and it meant I would have to either ask for more fruit or go out to another island with nook miles and collect more depending on what type of island I landed on and I was already low on Nook miles by that point.

I'm fine with people catching bugs and fish on my island because they're always there and can spawn quickly but other than that I like others to ask for permission which isn't a hard task is it now? Even though I time travel there is a chance the trees won't have fruit on which I need for my own crafts so usually when I leave them on the trees it means I haven't collected them yet, I'm saving them for someone who needs them or I'm waiting until I have more room in my inventory. What I have also noticed is some people will purposely try catching something I'm getting I'm not on about those who accidentally do it without realising I'm near I'm on about those who go out of their way to do it, safe to say that person isn't coming back to my island, I don't mind. hitting each other with tools but don't purposely try to annoy me and take what I'm trying to collect.

Flowers are also something that kept disappearing due to someone not asking, I have planted a lot of them now to make my island more appealing and progress further in the game, if you want a flower just ask like with other supplies you may need, it may not be the best-looking island but it's slowly taking shape and that's the main thing! Another thing, have a chat with my animal residents, I love walking by and hearing them sing and speak to you, it's bloody adorable.

One of the rarest things I have found is Iron, it can be a pain to get hold of and it was the main reason I was time travelling so when I found out my rocks had all been broken or used I was so annoyed, so many things require Iron in the game. I'm happy to donate to friends who need some, that doesn't bother me but when I need it and its no longer there it's irraitaing, and yes I should probably close my gates but trusting people you game with is important to me, I only set it to all friends now once I have collected what I need and my friends who need things have what they need but it's mostly set to best friends only.

On the upside, there are a lot of wonderful people playing ACNH, some new and some old to the game all helping one another which I think is so important with a game like this especially when it has the online element. I have discovered so many things I never knew and some things I had forgot about all thanks to the help of friends and people online willing to help others out. TikTok is my favourite place to get help and learn the tricks of the trade as well as my older sister, she is an AC MVP to me and is always on my island because I time travel I try and get her things she won't get till later on in the game because I'm the best sister ever.

I have started sending gifts to people on my friend's list to let them know I appreciate them and just want to help out on top of giving them supplies they need, they do the same in return which is very rewarding, so far I only have a small group of best friends but hopefully can trust more people on my island and make them a best friend too. I think if you are going to play this game online it's important to make boundaries clear, also make sure you put up some rules on the notice board, I'm not sure if everyone checks them but at least you can point them in the direction of it. I have found enjoyment in a multiplayer game again, yes it's not very hard but it's brought me so much joy over the past few days I have been playing it now if anyone likes the look of it and is worried about playing it as they have never played AC before don't worry you will learn pretty quickly and soon get hooked like I am!

I don't want this post to come off as me moaning but I have been waiting for ages for this game, I want to be able to trust friends and enjoy the island together without having to worry about all my hard work being ruined, this isn't Minecraft! If you do want to add me my Switch code is: SW-0238-6475-9018

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