Why Aren't People More Open to the Idea of PS4 Exclusives Coming to PC?

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Whenever a console exclusive game is announced to be available on PC I grit my teeth, not because I'm mad but because I know exactly what is going to come from the gaming community. Now that's not to say it's a large number of people who do this, most are happy when this happens and can't wait for their PC playing friends to experience the game but the exception becomes very toxic. So toxic that it obviously has a domino effect and either those who agree will cause the biggest hissy fit or those who don't will feed into this drama and we will have weeks of arguments all over social media.

I used to get involved when someone would throw a hissy fit over games coming to PC but now I look at these people and think about how much they're looking forward to getting a reaction from others so they can spread my toxicity. Fair enough people are allowed to feel however they want to but what they don't realise is how entitled they're acting or if they do realise it makes them extremely selfish. As a gamer I'm happy to see others enjoy games without having to pay out for a console, owning a gaming PC is expensive enough and some people just want to stick with one so they can upgrade when they need to. 

You may be reading this saying "But Elle if they want to play a console exclusive game why not just get a console instead of hoping it comes to PC" and this is because developers and publishers are seeing a wider audience, an exclusive doesn't have to stay exclusive just because you feel it should it's down to the developer and publisher at the end of the day. There are also a lot of disabled gamers who use to play PC due to it being more accessible, yes games like Horizon Zero Dawn have some accessibility settings but that doesn't mean they have enough to make it accessible for every disabled player which makes sense as to why a lot of disabled gamers would choose PC gaming. 

Making others feel like they're below you just because you play on a certain console or PC will never sit well with me, it just shows childishness and the inability to add anything good to the gaming community, sure you're allowed to say you don't like a certain console because it doesn't appeal to you, etc but saying it's because one console beats the other without giving an intelligent input into it just makes you part of the problem.

I personally would love my own gaming PC but I know that if I get one I probably wouldn't spend as much time playing it because the PS4 is and always be my go-to console, as much as that sounds sad it's true, the PS4 gives me everything I need and like so I'm happy enough to play it, I was brought up with Playstation and I don't think I could ever move away from it. I've found the gaming community to become extremely toxic when a new console or game is released, a lot of people will jump on the "judge at first sight" bandwagon rather than waiting to see what something is like. When I asked people's thoughts on this over on Twitter, people felt exactly the same as me, they are open to let more than one group of people enjoy games and that's how it should be.

Over on my other blog, I did a post addressing trying to afford to buy a next-gen console can be expensive and shows how people are willing to go into debt for the latest console and this alone shows that there is a lot of privilege when it comes to gaming, especially because when these console war arguments start people will always attack someone for what they prefer or play even if a person chooses to play on an older console or a current-gen, others can't help but make a remark on it as they think they're above others. This toxic trait is one I can't get on board with and tend to stay out of, but when you're on the sidelines looking in you can see just how silly it all sounds, it has some weird ripple effect that can go on for weeks or months.

Take Microsoft for example, their games are compatible with both Xbox and PC thanks to the Xbox game pass, and I never saw nearly as much backlash over this as I did over a Playstation exclusive game coming to PC and the problem word here is "exclusive". This word could mean it's exclusive forever or for a certain amount of time and it seems some people interpret it as it will be exclusive forever and never the latter. I know you may feel like Playstation is abandoning exclusives but I don't see it this way, not every exclusive will be coming to PC it seems only those they deem to be worth going to PC are and you definitely can't argue that HZD wouldn't be amazing on PC. 

We also have the option of Playstation remote play now which is a big help for a lot of people, I've used it before and it was a game-changer but why are people ok with this and not exclusives coming to PC? Who are we to say no one else can enjoy something when it's been made available to others? Why do people think they have the entitlement to kick off over something that isn't affecting them but instead letting others experience a brilliant game? As I always say we are all gamers, why not enjoy your game instead of worrying about something you don't need to if someone uses accessible mode in a game that's their prerogative if someone chooses to move to PC and stop playing games that's up to them. Enjoy the experience and make the gaming community one where you can hold a discussion without acting as if you're owed the world.

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