Top 5 Female Hero and Villain's in Video Games.

Monday 3 September 2018

I'm always seeing posts about male villains and heroes and I think it's about time the ladies get some love, some may think this post is unfair because it's all about the ladies but come on, let's give them the limelight they deserve. Growing up the gaming world was full of male protagonists but over the years things changed, we saw an increase in badass women kicking butt and showing what they are made and it often was met with annoyance but most people ended up falling in love with the character. The main female protagonist people can name is Lara Croft, she has been kicking butt since 1996 and since then her character has evolved a lot, other the timeline they have gone further back in her story and she has become younger, which I'm not complaining about, whenever me and my sisters played the Tomb Raider I remember thinking how cool it would be to be her minus the creepy butler who we locked in the freezer (soz mate). So now when I come across a female Villain or hero I tend to get excited.

The first badass woman I picked is obviously Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, I picked her because of how independent she is after years of being locked away and on her own, she was able to adapt to the real world pretty fast. Her abilities are what drew me in most, imagine having the power to open tears and travel through time and change the past or even the future. I love that there are so many different versions of her, it just goes to show how different situations do tend to mould a person whether it's made them shy and vulnerable or it's made them stubborn and hot headed! Elizabeth's style stands out as she dresses classy yet girly and doesn't tend to care much for her appearance but looks can be very deceiving, Elizabeth knows what she wants and has a charm about her that is hard not to like.

When I first got my Xbox 360 I picked up Gears of War 3 for it, I got hooked! Although I had never played the previous two 3 took me on a journey and when I discovered you could play as
Anya Stroud I was impressed. Anya can handle herself and is a lieutenant within the game, from what I know in the first two Gears of War games her character took a back seat but in the 3rd game, she became a playable character a very likeable one at that too. She stands out to me because she is a strong independent woman making her own way through life whilst aking some mistakes along the way. I think the only thing I don't like too much about her is that her outfit draws a lot of attention to her boobs and looks kind of ridiculous but Anya is able to rock it and looks like she takes no shit.

I love Destiny and although I won't be getting Forsaken until it's cheaper my love for the game hasn't died when I first played I fell in love with Ikora Rey and then when Destiny 2 came out I felt that her story progressed somewhat. Ikora isn't afraid to show how smart she is nor is she afraid to give orders, I liked the fact that she is the vanguard for the warlock class even though she is a human. She has a meditation device which she allowed guardians to use after the red war so they could play past missions. She was once a guardian herself and spoke out often, I think what stood out most about her is that she is a woman of colour who is smart and high in the ranks and she stands out wonderfully, her fighting skills in the crucible were said to be incredible and that it was her true home.

Here is a blast from the past from the original Tomb Raider games, Jacqueline Natla she would have to be a top pick for villains in this post, she was very set on what she wanted, she has a huge interest in genetic experiments and as we know they don't usually end well and the people performing them/ carrying them out are just monsters. It wasn't the best choice to tell Lara that the human race has become decadent and that she wants to unleash her creations to make sure only the strong survive, that's just messed up and obviously, Lara didn't agree! She doesn't look that much like a villain more like a businesswoman taking on the world.

Technically this villain is a robot but she is still badass in my eyes and that is GLaDOS, she has to be one of the most manipulative characters I have come across, Her name stands for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System. She is able to make others feel lower than low in a calm manner, she gives out the promise that if someone can complete her tests she will free them but the captives end up dying once they do complete them so their freedom really was dying in the end. She is violent and will do anything she can to stop people completing the tests even if that means killing them, in a way I did pity her because her purpose was to imprison and test people for years and watch them die. Who are your top heroes and villains? 


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