Gaming is a Luxury.

Friday 28 September 2018

It saddens me that so many people put others down because they can't afford the current gen consoles or even a gaming PC. It's an argument that's been going on for a while now but it's not just between two people but it happens in the gaming community all the time. it's a subject I often try to stay away from because it leads to trolls making it worse or some people acting high and mighty because they can afford something that others can't. As one of those people who can't afford the latest consoles, I don't feel annoyed nor jealous that others can, I just feel sorry for those who try to put people down for not owning what they do, I don't feel the boasting is necessary and I find it very snobby if I'm totally honest.

The current gen consoles have admittedly gone down in price by a lot this past year but they are still very expensive especially for those on a limited income and games alone can take a good while to go down in price, some new releases can end up with a whopping price tag of £60 and that's how much I spend on a food shop every week. I personally don't feel gaming is a necessity, it's far from that, I consider food a necessity and gaming more of a luxury, people such and as myself will want a game or a console badly but it's not a NEED it's a want which is a big indicator as to why gaming is a luxury whether people want to admit it or not.

The gaming industry is worth millions and thanks to fans it will stay that way for a while, developing and designing is expensive and developers want to make their money back by selling a game for a price they think is fair which I have no issues with, people who work hard on a game need to be paid and usually games are worth the price they are sold at. There are some places that will take advantage of others, they will allow people to buy from them with a very high-interest rate knowing full well that they have been turned away elsewhere and people end up paying more for something which is wrong especially when parents are just trying to get their kid a present they have wanted for a while such as a gaming console.

On twitter I did a poll asking if people thought gaming was a luxury, I was actually really pleased that most people said yes and you know why I was pleased? It's because they can see that not everyone can afford to game and that even though gaming is for everyone not everyone will get a chance to be able to game. For instance, older consoles have been going up in price due to people wanting to collect them, so if those on limited income wanted to game on other consoles even then will they be met but people upping prices and not being able to afford them. But I'm happy to say not everyone will rip people off and will sell for a reasonable price. When I got my PS4, which I had saved up for otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford it, I decided to keep my PS3 as I still wanted the option to discover and play new games, I was very fortunate that I didn't have to sell it to make ends meet like some other people.

Having to sell something you have saved up for and pay bills is the reality for a lot of people, it's quick and easy income at the time. I know a lot of people who have had to do and a lot of parents who have had to ask their child if they can sell their console to try and make ends meet, it's a very sad reality, some people may not think so because it's just a game console but what you need to remember is that it can be an escape and a wonderful hobby which is what it is for me.

Please take into account, before telling someone to just go out and buy a console or PC it's not that simple, not everyone is well off and as fortunate as you are and by telling around and saying "well I got a job to be able to afford the things I like" that's a very condescending and nasty statement to make. Assumptions are what makes things worse and being pig-headed and rude towards someone over being poor is not welcomed in my world. Gaming is a luxury and we will all just have to accept that, I really would love a Nintendo Switch but for now, I will just enjoy watching other people stream games from theirs.


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