Tron Legacy | A Digital Frontier | Review.

Wednesday 22 August 2018


I'm a huge fan of Tron, I can't remember when I exactly saw the first one but the idea of building the grid fascinated me, as soon as Tron Legacy came out I knew I had to see it, the trailer sold me straight away along with the fact that Daft Punk was doing the soundtrack which fit perfectly with each scene of the movie, from the dark scenes to the fast-paced and erratic scenes. Tron Legacy continues on from the first Tron movie, before the initial release it got a mixed reaction mostly because some people assumed it was a remake when it was far from that. They kept the main character (Jeff Bridges) the same but had to digital enhance his face to make him look younger which was terribly noticeable and about the only thing that I disliked about the movie, his mouth was so stiff when it moved it looked almost robotic!

Tron Legacy starts life off with Sam Flynn, the son of Kevin Flynn, for years he has grown up without his father when he disappeared when Sam was just 6 years old (although he seems a lot older than that in the movie) his father had recently been promoted to CEO of Encom which was only a small company at the time and when he was working there he created a programme called Clu to build the perfect programme. Years on and Sam is 27 he breaks into the ENCOM tower and leaks their latest software, he didn't want anything to do with ENCOM but didn't think it was fair that the company his father helped built now charge so much for software, he manages to jump off the building with his parachute before being asked by a security guard why he did it and explains he is the primary shareholder in ENCOM but still gets arrested. In a way I find it ironic, people see him as trying to destroy ENCOM but Sam is actually trying to implicate the ethics his own father did.

Now we get to the good part, Sam only discovered the grid when his dads old friend an executive from ENCOM Alan Bradley gets a page from his father, obviously it's a bit strange with it being the year 2010 but Kevin always told Alan to keep his pager on and Alan always believed that Kevin was still alive he never gave up hope so when he got that page he knew it was a sign but he also knew convincing Sam to investigate would be hard but Sam become intrigued and headed over to the old arcade his father owned. When he looked inside he turned on the power that's when the coolest arcade machines booted up along with an ace 80's song started - Journeys song separate way's which is a perfect start to a proper 80's soundtrack followed by Eurthymics - Sweet Dreams another favourite of mine from then on I knew I would enjoy the film. Sam eventually finds a secret door behind the Tron arcade machine that leads him into a room with an interactive table that had a camera in front, he pressed enter and was transported to the grid.

Once Sam arrives on the grid he gets captured and has to fight to survive, he is given a suit and his own disc even though he isn't a programme, Clu eventually captures him as he wants to draw Kevin out to come to find him which is who I thought was helping sam but it turned out to be a programme named Quorra (the last of her kind as Clu found them to be flawed and destroyed them). Now I don't want to get too much into the story as it's a movie I feel everyone should watch for themselves to find out how it turns out but I do want to talk about how some characters brought the movie to life such as Clu, throughout the movie, I come to pity him, his tactics were harsh and he lacked empathy, this is down to the fact that he was built to make the perfect system so it was all his fault. He is part of Kevin and Kevin is part of him and in a way, Clu was flawed because he wasn't able to make the perfect system as something would always get on his way, even on the grid the programmes that lived there weren't exactly perfect and he used this as a way to entertain the masses and make them fight one another in the games.

One main concept I loved about Tron Legacy was the light cycles, they are obviously very different from the 80's movie Tron but time and tech has moved on but these newer ones aren't as fast as the ones that Kevin owns, they can even be used off the grid whereas the ones on the grid stop working once they reach a certain distance off of the grid so Kevin has a huge advantage against Clu when he needs a quick getaway even though Clu knows the moment Kevin is on the grid because they are connected. I like the idea that we as humans can live in this digital place and eat and drink the same foods as programmes even though they don't bleed like us.

Sam's relationship with his dad is a strong one even though he hasn't seen him in years, he is determined to save his dad which shows how much compassion he still holds for his dad, Kevin loves Sam just as much because he doesn't want Sam to be trapped on the grid like him and knows there isn't long before the portal to get back home closes (this is how Kevin got trapped on the grid). There is also a bit of romance going on between Quorra and Sam but I don't think either of them realise it and Quorra kind of latches on to Sam because he knows so much about the real world which she is dying to see and be part of. This movie is a much more immersive experience in 3D and If you're looking for a dark techy movie I highly recommend Tron Legacy, it will always be a favourite of mine that I watch over and over again, I would love to live on the grid so I give it 5/5.


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