Lets Go There and Wander Nowhere | Steam Review.

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Publisher: Polychroma games
Developer: Polychroma games
Steam Review

I suppose you could say this is going to be a short review of mine just because the game in question is very brief and doesn't have enough story nor depth to go into. When I finally got Steam working again since updating the Mac I took this as a chance to play Let's Go There and Wander Nowhere which I added to my library last year, I won't lie, I hated it at first because I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong and why the game ended so abruptly but soon worked out it was because the choices I was making weren't the right ones and why I never got to the end of the game. After this I took my time with the game and my choices, making sure I looked around as best as I could in case there was a collectible, which in some places there were. 

Lets Go There and Wander Nowhere is a short experimental first-person story-driven game which takes you on a journey of a young girls life, she is a stranger to you and you first come across her when you walk past a burning, I thought nothing of it, the girl was upset but surely it was because she was stranded? When first start talking to her she is very vague with her replies to you and warns you against proceeding to acknowledge what may be going on with her and gives you the choice to end the game there, I didn't want to, I needed to know more. She eventually sits you down on a bench and begins to tell her story, now from this moment on a lot of it doesn't make sense but she wants to see if you can relate to anything she does say and thats where I tried to pay close attention.

I had no idea how I was meant to respond and grew more and more annoyed with the prospect that the dialogue was more like rambles of someone who isn't able to articulate what they're trying to say. After playing 5 different play throughs I ended up interpreting it in my own way, which I'm sure is very different from a lot of peoples outcome. The studio Polychroma Games expressed that it's not intended to be understood and in a way I like this because it allows the player to feel however they want to instead of forcing certain emotions on them. One main thing that I came to realise about this game is no matter your feelings and how it makes you feel this game isn't about you, it's about the young girl herself, She seems so far from reality throughout the game. I wanted to be able to explore more but the rooms were very generic, there is a reason for this, you are taken into your own mind to listen to the story, the rooms aren't meant to be breathtaking or make you want to look around much like the title hints.

The graphics seemed to be the thing that took a back burner as they are very simplistic and it felt that the game concentrated on what was happening then and there with the girl whilst putting you in the moment rather than being distracted by what was around you. I don't mind games that have a lot of text so it didn't really bother me that I had to mostly read in order to get through the game, the thing that did bother me the most was having no clear inkling what I said wrong to be pushed back to the start. Playing it over and over again got frustrating so I unfortunately have to admit that I did look up the right things to say in order to progress to the next part of the story. I realised that I was only slightly off when it came to my responses and where and how I was going wrong with what I was saying. 

Not long after looking up the correct responses I decided to see if other people were getting miffed with the story much like myself, the responses were much the same as my own thoughts which makes me feel a little sad as some people gave up playing because they were getting frustrated with having to start all over again. I do agree that the game needs a lot more context than we are given even if we are interpreting it the way we want. Once you know what replies to give the game doesn't take very long to finish, I would say it's between 20-25 minutes long. I wouldn't say this was the best game to play, doesn't make sense most of the time but towards the end I came to my own conclusion which I don't really want to ruin for other people as I want them to have their own thoughts on the game. 

There are some pros to the game, It was free to play, it wouldn't have stood out to me if I hadn't looked through the free games on steam if I'm honest with you, the only reason it stood out to me in the end was of the screenshots players had uploaded. Another upside was how easy it was to get all the achievements, there was only 4 in total which is a reasonable amount for such a short game, if you want to get them just google how. All in all it was something to play, not the best short game out there but better than My Name is Mayo by miles which literally serves no purpose. I feel the hate that surrounds it is just because people weren't given direction over what was the right dialogue and where the game was going, considering it's not really meant to make sense it's done its job. As far as I know this game is still free on Steam. 


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