The Quarry | PS5 Review

Thursday 23 May 2024

Publisher: 2K
Developer: Supermassive Games
PS5 Review

Give me a game that is similar to Until Dawn and I'm all over it. I held out on playing The Quarry at first because of lack of funds, luckily my partner got PS Plus Premium which i was able to use since he was the main account on ps5. I spoiled this game for myself, I actually watched some streams of people playing it, I just wanted to see of it was my cup of tea knowing full well that it would be. Let's get to the point, what is The Quarry about?

In a remote forest in update new York is a camp, more specifically a summer camp for teens to have fun and experience life skills over the summer 10 camp counsellors are set to leave, of course everything starts to go wrong in the worst way possible. Nothing good ever comes from these kinds of scenarios especially when people choose to stay behind. The camp counsellors and camp owner are left behind, the owner seemed iffy, something was eating him up and he clearly wanted everyone to leave already. Unfortunately that wasn't going to happen, the minivan the camp counsellors were travelling in has stopped working, it's getting late and there isn't much they can do except wait it out until the morning. They decide instead of heading to bed they should have one last  party, sure sounds like fun but most of us have seen the dark road these things lead to, and The Quarry is no exception.

The night hides a lot of secrets, ones I would rather have been oblivious to but as the player it was up to me to help keep these teens alive, a lot of the time I was freaked out scared of what may jump out on me. The vibes I was getting were Friday the 13th but way more intense, as time went on it's clear this cover of darkness wouldn't be shifting for a while. One thing I wasn't looking forward to was seeing the creatures, they remind me of The Descent which is still one of the best horror movies I have ever seen (the sequel sucked). I knew to tread carefully any choices would decide my ending which made me try my best to keep everyone alive, it's something i do every-time I have my first play through of cinematic games and most of the time I fail. 

As I mentioned before this was similar to Until Dawn, it's actually feels more like it's successor as it feels like The Quarry picked up where Until Dawn left off which i LOVE because i'm a massive Until Dawn fan and i'm looking forward to seeing how they will make a movie adaption of it when there are multiple endings to the game. Anyways back to The Quarry! Both games instill this sense of being watched constantly, which freaks me the hell out if i'm honest, at times I would think i was safe until the obvious becomes apparent and i'm left panicked. If you've played a Supermassive Game before you will know they're all very similar with the control layout and QTE (quick time events) it doesn't make my reaction time any faster though, I still fail frequently at holding my breath and giving myself away. 

Are the characters annoying? Yes and no I guess, what would you do if you was thrown into a situation where you had to survive until morning but these humanoid werewolves were chasing you down? I know I would annoy everyone by getting upset and working myself up the the point of being hysterical because that shizz is scary. The game is very character driven which means going through the process of getting to know who they are, they each have very different characteristics which luckily hold up in this game, don't you just hate it when one bad character can ruin the whole vibe of a game because I do. 

One of my favourite characters was Laura, she had a lot of determination and her personality waswhat appealed to me most. She endured a lot of crap if I'm honest and i was willing to let her live the whole way through. Although she is in a relationship with Max it's clear he can't tell her what to do and she is her own person. From what I have heard she is one of the most liked character within the game which says a lot not only for the voice actor (Siobhan Williams) but also for the writing and how well her character was portrayed. 

Although the choices you make are the heart of the game I felt there was much more it had on offer, for me it was finding out what other options there were and where they could have lead me in the game. You can go back and see how things actually played out by using Directors Mode where you'll have access to play 4 different modes which include: Everyone lives, Everyone Dies, Directors Chair and Gorefest. It's something i have yet to do, but I will be doing it when i have the time. Another mode which is great for friends is the multiplayer mode, I have yet to play this, people would probaly get sick of me wondering off if I used this mode with them. 

I got lost and went around in circles more than I'd like to admit, I put it down to my poor navigation skills and lack of paying attention incase something scary popped out on me. It was a lot less awkward to play than The Dark Pictures games though, I had so many glitches I had to battle through whereas The Quarry this didn't happen as much. Which is why I think I enjoyed playing this one more so than The Dark Pictures Games, I know glitches shouldn't put players off but sometimes it can get a bit too much. The one upside to getting lost is being able to see the scenery and just how beautiful it was, more so of a day time than night, it's a bit too dark to make much out with how dark it gets. 

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