Assassin's Creed Unity | PS4 Review

Wednesday 8 August 2018


Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft
PS4 Review

When I first got my PS4 back in 2014 Assassin's Creed Unity was the second game I purchased for it, I initially only wanted it so I could play Destiny with my friends but you can't have a PS4 and only play one game that would be pointless, I paid the full price for AC Unity and when I put the disc in I discovered how glitchy it was and couldn't proceed any further than the first sequences. I wasn't too happy about that and it made me annoyed that I had actually paid full price, now 4 years on I finally decided to give it a second chance, a lot of the glitches and bugs had been finished and I felt it was worth giving it a try. I deleted my previous save to start fresh and the game ran smoothly, for about 3 sequences and then I kept getting similar glitches throughout the game but it didn't make the game unplayable which is the main thing.

Assassin's Creed Unity is set in Paris during the French Revolution so it was very hostile and lots of people were living in squalor and trying to be heard within the game but still has a lot to do with the Templars, It wouldn't be Assassin's Creed if it didn't have templars in am I right? The game is about a young boy by the name of Arno Dorian who was born in Versailles, his father was an Assassin who was murdered by a man called Shay Patrick Cormac which took place at the end of AC Rogue, Arno was eventually adopted by a family who was part of the Templar Order, his adoptive father is also murdered and Arno sets out to find out who is responsible. Along the way to redemption Arno joins the Brotherhood of Assassin's, we all know how badass these guys are! throughout the game/story, Arno's rank will grow much like with Ezio, the more his rank goes up the better chance he has of killing higher level enemies, I, funnily enough, realised my rank was growing but my level which is measured in diamonds stayed at 2, I somehow got to the last sequences with those two diamonds.

In order to level up the diamonds you need to get better gear which can be expensive, I found myself going around Paris completing side quests towards the end of the game in order to get my diamonds to at last 4 to fight the last boss, Ironically and just my luck my game seems to have glitched on the last memory of that sequences and I have been trying everything to get passed it with no luck so far, but I'm enjoying the side quests especially the ones where I get to Assassinate people, I enjoy doing it from high ground rather than sneaking behind the enemy.

I never thought I would like Arno, I was the same when Origins came out, to be honest, but then fell in love with Bayek and his story so Arno has become a favourite of mine to play as now, I loved his love interest Elise De LaSerre, she has gorgeous red hair and being a redhead myself I agreed with the choice immensely. Elise is the daughter of the Templar Grandmaster who adopted Arno, she is just as upset with his death as Arno is and sets out on her own investigation to find out more about her father's death, I would have loved to have played as her but unfortunately the focus of the game was more so on Arno than anything else.

I know what happens at the end of the game so even though I'm having trouble with the glitch on the last memory I have seen what I need to do and what happens, I used to watch people play it on Twitch and it took long enough for me to make myself play it again. The map is pretty simple to read, there is a map break down that you can access which is a big help, it shows you the areas that are harder and more challenging which are great to go to when you want to level up your rank or diamond level. The game still has that annoying issue where when you run you can end up accidentally running up a building and frustratingly Arno won't drop down at times, I would find myself telling him off which is kind of ridiculous as I'm basically talking to a screen.

The map in Unity isn't as big as other games and there are fewer sync points to get to, but some are in places where you need to be stealthy which I've got better at, you can upgrade your home as well as buy social clubs situated around Paris but you need a fair amount to buy some of them, saving money can often be hard as I found myself wanting to buy higher weapons to use but luckily I had helix points I could use for some of these as well as free equipment from the Uplay store that was included in the game. I love the architecture in the game, the buildings are beautiful as with most AC games I have played, the game has a rich history and some accuracy in past events which my friend Olly wrote about on my other website last year.

I would love to give the Co-op for the game a go but I don't have anyone else to join in with me and I'm not sure people are still playing it, I will have to try it out when I'm next on t to see if I like it or not, the game shows me people who own Unity and could play online with me but they are never online. One thing I'm glad about is if I ran into someone carrying a box it doesn't drop and smash I don't really know why it used to annoy me in AC2 but it used to bug me to no end, I only shoved the guy a little he didn't need to drop the tiny box! The only thing I really disliked was getting to the portals, those bits seemed a bit pointless and annoying especially when they appear right when I'm getting into the game, I liked the story and Arno and Elise romance, the hot air balloon chase was fun, I hope I can sort out the issue I'm having to complete the last bit of the game. All in all, I give it 3/4 stars, it's still not as good as AC2.

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