Detroit: Become Human Demo First Impressions.

Saturday 5 May 2018

Before I get into this post I just want to state that I'm aware of the reputation Quantic Dream have, this is a personal opinion on their latest game demo and that is it. I also understand how others have felt in regards to the gameplay trailer that shows domestic violence and how triggering that can be for someone, I do think that maybe it was a good idea to leave that out of a trailer but unfortunately that wasn't the case. I have been waiting for ages for this demo to become available to play and it's finally here, bear in mind demo's aren't that long and are usually only a snippet of a game so this is only going to be a post about what I thought of it so far then I plan on doing a proper review on it once I get my hands on a copy of the game.

I'm a big fan of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls I also started Fahrenheit on PC but I'm not a huge fan of the controls so would like to get it for PS4 instead to see if they are any easier to use which I doubt, I'm also very happy that the full game Beyond Two Souls is free on PSN right now as I enjoyed it a lot on PS3. I like the style of Quantic Dream games and their beautiful life-like graphics so I'm hoping that Detroit: Become Human will be just as enjoyable for me. Detroit: Become Human is set in 2036 so it has a different kind of time scale to Quantic Dream's other games, in this world androids are very much an important part of everyday life and humans use them to do their cleaning, cooking and even to look after their children.

The game/demo is basically an interactive movie and you will have to walk around looking for clues as to what made an android turn on its owners and take one of them, hostage, the walking around can be a little slow but this helps you explore everything around you and take in your surroundings. Whilst playing you will have to find enough to piece of evidence to work out why the android Daniel did what he did, you do this by analysing your surroundings and looking for any clues that stand out. When you finally reach the hostage you will have a different option of what to say and do which will lead to different endings, the one I got was with the android Connor who you play as sacrificing his life to save the life of the hostage, I guess what this means is in the main game the main character could die at any time.

The androids in this game show just how real they can be with their ability to show emotions, especially anger which is what Daniel holding the little girl hostage, in a way it feels like this is the start of the androids fighting back, Daniel is able to also show how hurt he is and knows he was made to be a slave to someone and is so easily replaceable, this is why he held the little girl hostage in the first place.

You can go to the menu and track your progress which will help you work out what choices may have been better and how your choices have impacted the game so far, I personally don't think there is a right or wrong choice there is just the choice that is best suited for you which can sometimes be changed by going back and replaying bits of the game at checkpoints. Because the demo, as well as the game, has different ending's you can go back and replay it again to make different choices and experience what these endings are which to me makes a game a little longer and you will be able to get much more out of it. The controllers were the main issue for me as I couldn't get on with them in Quantic Dreams other games but so far they have been ok but I've only played a small bit of the game so I don't know exactly if the buttons will end up being just as awkward.

I hope to get Detroit: Become Human this year to experience more of the gameplay and explore what the other two main character's in the game are like, the idea of playing an android instead of human makes me think of the TV show Humans and I think that is why this game stood out so much to me, if you haven't seen that show before you can watch it on the All 4 player, season 3 should be coming out soon.


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