Video Game Characters I dislike.

Saturday 7 April 2018


We all talk about who our favourite video characters are but I don't often see people discussing who they like the least and at times those characters can ruin a game for people, I wouldn't say the following people ruined these games for me but I would say that I didn't like how they were portrayed and felt that they needed more depth to them, especially my first choice.

As you all know I'm a huge fan of the AC games especially when it comes to AC 2 but as much as I loved it there was always one character I just didn't click with and I found a bit vapid and that was Desmond. His character first appeared in Assassins Creed (the first ever game), Desmond always knew of his heritage but grew tired of hiding away and eventually ran away at the age of 16 and eventually become a bartender. In 2012 he was kidnapped by Abstergo Industries who are a Templar organization, they needed Desmond's genetic memories in order to access his ancestor Alta├»r Ibn-La'Ahad, he then went on to access Ezio's memories in AC 2, Brotherhood, Revelations. Because of his heritage, he was also able to access Connor Mohawks memories where he eventually dies in AC 3, so he is a huge part of the AC franchise, my main issue with him was that he didn't seem to have enough substance I didn't find him to be like any of the Assassins he played as and his character felt a little deflated. He has been through a lot I know but he isn't an exciting player to play as, I would have thought he would end up with more of a personality over the time period he was in the games but it just wasn't the case and this is why he is one of my least favourite characters to bless the Assassin's Creed series.

I was conflicted over this choice just because Nathan (Beyond Two Souls) is made out to be the good guy in all this when there is a lot more to his character, from the start I honestly thought he was a great role model for Jodie but as the game progressed I realised that his role in all this changed the night his wife and daughter died in a car accident and that instead of concentrating on Jodie and all the work he did with her he was secretly trying to locate his wife and daughter in the Infraworld so he has a chance at seeing them again. He starts to put a lot of people at risk, I know it's heartbreaking losing a family but at the same time he lost his grip on reality and no one noticed. He ended up removing the containment field around the DPA's condenser which started to let the Infraworld leak into the human world, this was disastrous for us as humans because the spirits coming from within that world were able to kill humans. Jodie sacrificed her life in order to try and stop him and get the containment field up and running again, when he see's Jodie trying to stop him he tries to kill her, there at two options at this point Jodie can either reason with him to stop him killing her which leads to him killing himself or she can be cruel and cold towards him which leads Nathan to shoot her in the shoulder. All the love he has shown for Jodie growing up had gone out the window and he reached the point where he didn't care about her any longer and this is a huge reason why I ended up disliking him.

When Victoria was first introduced in Life is Strange I knew I wouldn't like her, she was the kind of girl who I went to school with who would look down on others and would purposely make people feel crap about themselves. Often she would boast and brag about how smart she really is but people would brush it off, that's the best thing to do when it comes to people like that except it was hard for Max, she would feel jealous of Victoria at times and it's understandable, Max isn't the most confident teenager and being around someone who makes you feel crap about yourself doesn't help. The reason Victoria acts the way she doesn't is that she doesn't have much confidence but personally, I would rather not be disliked for being a little bitch to others, she may just want to fit in but she goes about it the wrong way. Victoria doesn't like to leave herself vulnerable but didn't need to be so nasty to her fellow students, being kind and considerate can take them far in life, because of the way she acts towards other's she has a lot of enemies and uses the fact that she is wealthy to bring others down, I think the game wanted us to dislike her, to be honest, her personality fits perfectly in the game.

Shaun was only a baby when we are first introduced to him, he has done no harm and was taken away from his parents whilst in cryogenic stasis (frozen) inside vault 111, we witness him being taken but don't end up being let out of a the cryogenic stasis until years later when the vault malfunctions and the sole survivor remembers what has happened but doesn't have any concept of time or how much has passed so the sole survivor sets out to find her baby. I was so disappointed when I eventually came across Shaun, he wasn't what I thought he would be and although he was a baby when he was taken he is now an old man and his mum/dad are still the age they were when they went into the vault. Shaun isn't compassionate, he has very strong beliefs but doesn't mind if others agree so long as the institute that he grew up in and now runs isn't in danger due to this, he believes that the institute is humanity's only hope and wants the sole survivor to take his place when he dies, we also learn that the vault 111 didn't malfunction and let the sole survivor out it was in fact, Shaun, he threw his own parent into this scary well and left them to fend for themselves and find their way to him, when one of his parents finally finds him he doesn't really act like he cared much for them. He knew where they were all along and instead of meeting up with them he decided to see if they could stay alive in the wasteland, what a horrid experiment to do on your parent especially when they would never let harm come to him.

Hear me out here, a lot of people kept telling me to give Emily a chance in Until Dawn but I'm sorry I won't excuse her bullshit behaviour just because she is in danger, she could have changed her ways and been more polite and respectful towards others but chose to be a bitch instead. You could say that Emily knows exactly how to get her own way and she will even if she has to be a horrible person to get it, she can be argumentative and always feels that she is in the right. When we first saw her she was playing a prank on one of the girls called Hannah, it didn't end well and I honestly feel that Emily isn't remorseful for what she did because it was only a laugh and this is my biggest issue with her. She pushes others away but in the face of danger she needs their protection, but at the end of the day Emily is the only one who can save herself and her big mouth is enough to get her killed in one of the endings, I think the only time I have ever seen her shown proper remorse was when her boyfriend Matt was killed and she regretted being a bitch to him, but as I say it's a little too late.

Who is your least favourite video game character?


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