My Name is Mayo | The easiest game to Platinum.

Friday 27 April 2018



Publisher: Green Lava Studios
Developer: Green Lava Studios

PS4 Review

Do you ever come across a game so ridiculous that you just have to play it? That's what happened to me recently, I was browsing Twitter when I saw everyone talking about a game call my name is Mayo and how easy it was to get all the trophies for it,  me being me went to look for it and bought it for 99p, that's right it only cost me 99p. The funniest thing about this game is how simplistic it is yet how much joy it can bring people with it's funny props and ridiculous gameplay, I love silly things that don't involve much effort so I guess that's why I enjoy this game.

My Name is Mayo is an indie game which is available on PS4, PS Vita and Steam, Green Lava Studios developed and published this strange game that people can't help but play, the aim of the game is to click the jar of mayo, considering most people I know hate mayo and some have played this game makes me crack up, but there are aims in the game such as wearing certain outfits which are unlocked by the number of times you click the jar, in order to get a certain trophy you must put a certain outfit on and click it the number of times it asks you to in rewards. Along with unlocking outfits, you unlock stories to go along with them and facts and there is a message at the end that says "Open yourself to others, just like you opened this jar of mayo" which I guess is a cool hidden meaning to the game, although I hate opening myself to others.

What I like about this game is it doesn't take itself seriously, there is no arguments over the graphics or storyline you just take on a simple task that helps you be engaged by clicking, took me a minute or to realise that I had to put outfits on my jar to get the trophies I wanted and takes less than 30 minutes to complete but nonetheless will keep you occupied for a little while whilst waiting for an update to download or to waste some time.

The game has basically shown me that some people will play the most bizarre and easy game in order to collect trophies, not that there is anything wrong with trophy hunting but it doesn't take some of the fun out of being able to take on harder tasks in order to get a trophy. The art is kind of cool, it's nothing to write home about but it does remind me of 1960's kind of art style but the focus isn't really on the art for me it's more so how easily accessible this game can be for people because it is literally just a point and click kind of game, once you collect all the trophies you can go back to the game as much as you like to rack up your clicks and try to climb to the top of the leaderboard for most clicks.

Surprisingly this game has 51 trophies including a platinum trophy to collect and for 99p with that amount of trophies to collect and with how easy they are to get it's basically a steal wouldn't you say? I did get a little bored playing it because I was getting tired of clicking the jar over and over so many times but watching how quickly the number of times I clicked it went up and knowing how many times I had to click it in order to get certain trophies made me press faster, I'm not really sure what game I could compare it to as it's like nothing I have ever played before but after a little bit of research there are a good few games out there which you can find by searching games like My Name is Mayo. Overall the game wasn't the greatest let's be honest but I doubt it was supposed to blow our minds, because of how accessible this game is with there being one main button to press and the humour behind it I'm going to give this game 3/5 stars.


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