The Raven Remastered | PS4 Review

Monday 26 March 2018

PS4 Review

Publisher: THQ Nordic
Developer: King Art Games
PS4 Review

*Disclaimer: I was sent the code for this game in return for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone if you want to know more about my disclaimer please see my contact and disclaimer at the top of my blog. 

I'd never heard of this game before and never had a chance to ever play The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief which was released on PC in 2013 and PS3 in 2014 previously and has now been released for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and MAC, I went in without knowing much about what this game was about except for watching the trailer once. As soon as the game started it was clear this would be an Agatha Cristie type of mystery game, I'm fine with this as I enjoy her mysteries. This is an adventure point and click game, I'm not the biggest fan of them but I got through this game as best as I could.

The game is set in 1964 when an ancient ruby has been stolen from the British Museum, the culprit is thought to be someone copying The Raven who was a legend back in the day who disappeared years before, you play as constable Anton Jakob Zellner who has set out to find out the truth, in the midst of his investigation he finds himself trying to solve a murder mystery. Zellner isn't an actual detective he is, in fact, a Swiss police officer who is far from a detective, Zellner has hardly any detective experience but is a huge fan of detective novels. Zellner has been given the task to guard the matching ruby to the one that was stolen whilst it is being transported to Egypt whilst solving crimes alongside Nicolas Legrand.

The first chapter starts off very slow, I was clueless as to what I was meant to do and spent most of my time fumbling my way around the game, I did find going back and forth between characters to be a bit of a chore as I wasn't able to run and had to walk at a set pace the whole time but I got used to it after a little while. The game has 3 different chapters to play through, they aren't as short as they would be and I found myself having a lot of trouble with movement and taking my time to find out what I had to do next, for instance on the train I had to make my own light and it took me a while to realise I had to rub grease on the curtain to make the light burn brighter When I was trying to choose what to pick up I wasnt able to select the wooden chair leg as my controller analog stick wouldnt move, it must have been some kind of glitch but in the end I was able to select it. Chapter two was my favourite out of the Three, I found there to be a lot more to do and find out and combining different objects to help solve the crime or cause a crime in some cases was more obvious to me and because of this I was able to obtain the master detective trophy for chapter two.

The Raven Remastered is very story driven and has a lot of speaking, in order to understand the story I suggest you read what is being said or you will find yourself a little lost over what is going on, each character plays a very important role and to progress in the story you will find yourself going back and forth between characters to talk to them and gather clues. I admittedly missed a few clues and before I could work out how to take a fingerprint I was taken to another scene so I wasn't able to gather the evidence I need, I suggest anyone playing this to take their time and not rush ahead, I wasn't trying to rush but it seems certain hings you hoose to do will trigger you to be taken to the next part of the story and I didn't want to be left with holes so I will most likely play the game through again in order to get the clues that I missed, because I missed these clues I found that it had an effect on the points that I collected, these points determine what kind of investigator you are and will give you a trophy for either amatur, advansed or master detective.

Sometimes you just want to have a laid-back game to play, The Raven Remastered is one such game with its slow pace and puzzles.

The main reason I continued playing this game was that I was invested in finding out who the thief was, I usually can't leave a game unfinished even if I don't enjoy the controls of a game, Once I got to the second chapter I started to get the hang of searching for clues and looking more thoroughly for clues and felt more inclined to find out who the thief was. Once you get to the halfway point of chapter two you change characters and play as the conductor who Zellner was trying to find at the start of the game, you play through the events of what happened before the train stopped. Throughout the whole of the game, there are three playable characters and the one I found most intriguing has to be is Adil, sneaking about as he made the game all the more intriguing for me. I was shocked with the twist at the end of the game, I had no idea that the real Raven was under my nose the whole time, the twist brought the story together really well.

I can definitely say that the graphics won't be to everybody's taste and you will find movement to be slow and awkward at times, but I quite liked the 3D feel of the game, it brought the characters to life despite how awkward it felt, you can't judge this game solely based on graphics that's for sure, it has an interesting story which wasn't drawn out too long, they broke it down into three chapters which makes you feel a little more relaxed about getting closer to the thief. It certainly is packed full of clues and puzzles to solve and will keep you busy for a good 10 hours, less than that if you get the hang of it how the mechanics of the game works, the story is what I enjoyed most about this game, but because of how slow paced it felt and the glitches that occurred I'm giving it 3 out of 5 stars.

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