Happy Death Day | Review

Monday 5 March 2018


Directed: Christopher B. Landon
Produced by: Jason Blum
Written: Scott Lobdell
Released: October 17, 2017

At first Happy Death Day looks like your typical cheesy college movie but as you get further into the movie you realise it's a little more than that. The film starts with the bells ringing at Bayfield University where our main character Teresa (Tree) Gelbman attends, she wakes up hung over in a random boys bed on the day of her birthday, she quickly gets ready to leave whilst asking the boy whose room it if she can have some Tylenol whilst ignoring a phone call from her father who wanted to remind her that today is their anual meal to celebrate her and her mums birthday as they are both on the same day, Tree had grown uncomforable with doing this since her mum had passed away but didn't have the guts to let her dad know. You will be seeing this scene a number of times throughout the course of the movie so buckle in and get ready for another movie just like groundhog day. Throughout the course of the movie we see Teresa repeat the same route but she tries to change it slightly in order to work out what is going on and find out who keeps trying to kill her, heads up it's not the boy whose bed she slept in (Carter) it's not as simple as that.

Once she leaves Carter's dorm she makes her way back to her own room and along the way she see's certain events take place which sticks in her mind each time she comes back to life to repeat that day, one of which is bumping into a guy called Tim who asks her why she hasn't been returning his text and she explained she didn't enjoy their date. When she arrives at her room we meet her roommate Lori who presents Tree with a very yummy looking red velvet cupcake which Three doesn't eat and dumps it in the bin after rushing to get ready to get to her class she is late for, from the look on Lori's face she is actually really hurt by this. After this Tree makes her way to her teacher's office who she has been sleeping with (some out of the box thinking right there not) and whilst in the office the teacher's wife begins to knock on the door but is jammed with a chair, once opened the wife is obviously suspicious, who wouldn't after that?  I know I would. We then see Tree having a meeting outside with her sorority sisters for lunch discussing the spring dance, the head sister starts on one of the other sisters for eating junk food and the girl gets up then bumps into Carter which makes chocolate milkshake go all over Tree, Tree see's who it is and pulls him away from the girls whilst Carter tries to give her the bracelet she left at his obviously tree is embarrassed by this and tries to make him go away as fast as possible.

 Tree and Lori

The head of the sorority sisters Danielle invites Tree to a party which is taking place later that evening and Tree was more than happy to attend so she get's ready and leaves, she passes some guys wearing baby masks which are a symbol for the school's sports team. As they pass her and she reaches a bridge, the underpass to it is dark but she see's a music box, she goes over to it and there she see's someone in a baby mask and tells them which way their friends went, unfortunately, this turns out to be the person who ends up stabbing her to death. Straight after this, she wakes up in Carter's bed again thinking what happened was just a dream, but this time she remembers everything that happens and heads home as fast as she can, she still doesn't take Lori's cupcake and just leaves it instead of throwing it in the bin, as time movies on Tree is caught in the teachers office by his wife this time the door was properly locked and the wife was still far from happy, at lunch Tree warns her friend about Carter before she bumps into her but it still ends up happening and Tree gets chocolate milkshake over her once again.

Tree is still freaked out over her dream and when she leaves for the party she avoids the bridge, she get's to the party opens the door and stood in the doorway is someone in a baby mask who turns out to be Nick (Danielle's boyfriend) and she later calms down after realising it was a surprise party thrown just for her, she heads upstairs where you guessed it someone in a baby mask kills her she first thinks it's Nick but it's clearly not. She wakes up and it's the day of her birthday again, I'm not going to keep going on about what happens each time because she dies a fair few times, each time trying to work out who is killing her, she even tell's Carter about what is happening and starts to develop feelings for him.

Carter and Tree

She finally thinks she has found out who the killer is only to wake up again in the same situation on her birthday, she initially thought it was this women killer who managed to escape from hospital but it turns out her roommate who works for the hospital had no other choice but to try and kill her whilst she was there (Tree fainted and was took to the hospital which changed things a little bit) then make out like it was the killer who had murdered her. But why did her roommate want to kill her? Simple, Tree got what Lori wanted and because of this Lori had become angry and wanted revenge. Tree only worked out that it was Lori when she had killed the woman killer and still woke up dead, it turned out the cupcake she ate that night was poisoned and that she had died in her sleep, clever little Lori thought she wouldn't be rumbled until Tree realised quickly after she got back from the dorm after repeating the morning of her birthday. They had a huge fight and Tree kicked Lori through the bedroom window, terrible way to go right? Because Tree killed her the cycle of her dying stopped and she was able to live life as before, it made Tree calm down a little and even open up to her dad.

I liked this movie, it was imaginative, kept me watching and I even found myself egging Tree on to find out who the killer was, it wasn't too long (1hr 36) but I felt it gave enough away without ruining the story for everyone. To me this could be a lesson to people such as those who you think are your friends could actually be your worst enemy which is actually a really scary thought, I have been in situations where people have pretended to be my friend and I had no idea that deep down they hated me. I would probably watch this again I'm going to give this 3 stars only because I feel like they could have told us a bit more about Tree's mum, that part of the story seemed a little empty to me and it wasn't the greatest film I have watched before, it was a good time waster that kept me interested for the whole movie.

Elle May



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