The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me | PS4 Review.

Tuesday 20 June 2023

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Developer: Supermassive Games
PS4 Review

Main Characters:
  • Charlie
  • Kate
  • Jamie
  • Erin
  • Mark
  • Connie
  • Du'Met

After spending the last few years playing The Dark Pictures Anthology games we have finally reached the last one of this season. There are 8 games planned all together, 4 for season one and 4 for season 4, each have been different from each other but the games have some of the same actors playing different kinds of characters which leads me to think that these people in particular have a more important role in the franchise (we shall see). The last one for season one is called The Devil in Me and has to be one of my favourites out of them all. I started out playing it on twitch and unfortunately the save went wrong, corrupted and I had to replay it again without finishing on stream,

This episode kicked off in Chicago in 1893, a newly wed couple check into the World's Fair Hotel where their stay is short lived, they chose the one hotel built and run by the first known serial killer in america named H. H. Holmes, the couple were brought to justice when he was caught and hung for his crimes which leads us to the current story of a camera crew who want to make a show based around the crimes and what took place in the hotel. Being the skeptic I am I was sure I wasn't going to get scared and boy was I wrong, it scared me more than the 3 other games in the series!

Just like the other games the player must make choices to either help characters survive or kill them off, I chose my typical route of trying to keep them alive, it was harder this time around so I ended up saying screw it, if they die that's on them (I know it's my fault really). We are introduced to The Curator again, who clearly has a message for us all to work out by the end of all of these games, we will just have to wait and see. Then we have the slasher killer who is called Du'Met (real name Hector) He orchestrated this whole thing to seek out and kill the cast of a film crew and act out his sick fantasies by copying H.H.Holmes murders on them through murder. 

The main cast is made up of Charlie - Charlie is the founder and director of the company Lonnit Entertainment and Erin, Jamie, Kate and Mark work for him. Then we have my favourite character out of them all, Connie the dog! I know a lot of people can relate to this, there was a dog in the game and throughout all of my gameplay inqas worried I would end up getting it killed. I didn't mind which actual character died so long as the dog was untouched and saved.

As always there were characters I disliked immediately, they gave off that kind of persona and I end up getting the ick from them throughout the whole of my gameplay, one of which was Charlie, he was very unlikeable which seemed intentional. There are things Charlie is hiding from the group and as they game went on I was in two minds whether he was just a dick or protecting the people working for him. This game involves 5 protagonists who have been hired to film a horror documentary but this will be their demise, Du'Met has a lot of traps in store for the crew members who are oblivious to all of this. They think it's a great gig which I don't blame them for at all, so many people who watch crime/murder/ghost documentaries would binge watch it in one day, myself included. 

I loved the gameplay from The Devil in Me, my biggest gripe was the glitches, I say this every single time I play a Dark Pictures game but it's true. I feel like it's release too early and these bugs should have been sorted way before players could even get their hands on the game. It puts a bad taste in my mouth when this happens, I'm hoping the next season for these games will be a lot more polished when they come out. Game controls are basically the same as all the other games, move the analog stick to make your choices, each choice will lead you to a certain ending, sometimes maybe good sometimes pretty bad, mostly bad if you end up getting them killed.

I struggled with solving some of the puzzles and sent my friend Dom into a state of frustration when I was streaming my gameplay solving the fuse boxes, but what can I say? I'm clueless sometimes! There was one point where I couldn't workout what direction I needed to go when going up a mountain when the answer was right in front of me, I clearly need to start paying more attention. One thing that was out of my control was when the game wouldn't work when doing QTE for some reason in certain parts of the game it wouldn't register me pressing it at the right time.

The Slasher genre can be repetitive at times, The Devil in Me gave it a different edge due to players being able to have different endings. I have watched slasher movies for years and the antagonist usually the same, for example, they move slow but catch up with the protagonist within no time. This kind of thing has always made me think they're showing no matter how fast you run or where you hide things can and will catch up to you. 

The Dark Pictures Anthology has a style, one that I have learnt to love, in the sense their games are the same but different. They're able to create games based on different styles of horror and thriller, for once this was a slasher instead of scary vampire like monsters from the previous game or a psychological thriller. Doing this has kept my attention and makes me want to play them rather than moaning about getting bored with the same kind of storyline.

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