Florence | Nintendo Switch Review.

Thursday 15 June 2023

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
Developer: Mountains
Nintendo Switch Review

I've been down in the dumps with no motivation, unsure of what I wanted to do lately so forced myself to find a chilled out game that wouldn't take too much energy when I came across Florence which was on Sale in the Nintendo store. At £1.79 I thought I may as well give it a go, I purposely didn't look up the storyline in order to go into it with fresh eyes and buy am I glad I did. 

Florence is one of them games that bring reality to the forefront, we are taken on a journey of a woman in her mid twenties experiencing her first love and going through the emotions of what could happen within  relationship no matter how healthy it looks on the outside. Not all relationships will last, Florence takes us through finding herself in typical situations within a relationship and how she deals with them. On the surface we are merely looking in on a relationship and making small choices, these choices are what make the story and mould what players need to form an emotional response much like I did.

On one random day Florence realises her phone has died, in that exact moment she starts to hear the sound of a Cello playing, she follows it and there she finds a young gentlemen who we would come to know as Krish, he likes to play his Cello for all to hear as a street performer. This random meeting sends Florence on a new journey in her life where she starts to fall for Krish which then leads us through the gameplay of their life together as a couple. Thanks to this relationship Florence finds herself realising she isn't happy where she works and soon realises her passion her real passion in life (I will leave you to discover that).

There is a great deal of simplicity to the game yet it invoked so much emotion within me, to love and to be love is a great feeling, seeing Florence blossom, hurt, and find herself when all is loss is very relatable for me. It can be hard to trust yourself with someone, then to try and find yourself again when its been taken away again is a whole new path to go on. The music was beautifully orchestrated for this game by Kevin Penkin who did musical pieces for Star Wars Visions, Eden (on Netflix) and Made in Abyss anime series, just to name a few. His ability to play put a love story through music makes it that much more intimate.

There is a lot of clicking and scrolling throughout the game, mini games come in the form as simply everyday tasks from choosing photos Florence wants to share and even brushing her teeth, you are Florence and you're going to experience whatever the game is about to throw at you emotionally, whether you like it or not. Personally I felt that Florence and Krish were perfect for eachother, every relationship has its ups and downs even when you feel like you're drifting away from that person, but not every relationship can survive that and ultimately things come to a head and end.

Each chapter within the game is an important mark in Florence's life, there are 6 acts with a total of 20 chapters, the game is very short yet manages to wrap things up in a nice manner. the chapter I enjoyed most was Exploration, seeing Florence and Krish enjoy what is around them and make memories which they can both cherish no matter how sad it makes them, it took me about 30 minutes to get through this game, I would happily play it again.

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