Going Back to Fallout 76.

Thursday 17 February 2022

Hello, sorry for the absence but not I've not been in the best place recently. I wrote this when I was in the mood so here ya go. Fallout 76 still has a lot of hate that surrounds it, it's understandable especially when fans were looking forward to seeing what an online aspect of the game would be like and when it didn't meet their expectations they felt robbed. To name a couple issues I was aware of when I first played, Bugs and glitches were two of the biggest issues I faced, it made gameplay very difficult. I still pushed through as much as I could as I wanted to give it a fair shot but in the end it made its way back onto my shelf until now. These problems are what made it feel unfinished to me, I felt like it had been released far too soon and developers should have spent more time testing and fixing known bugs, we paid full price for the game which makes me laugh now because you can buy it for as little as £5.

My friend Stephen insisted I try Fallout 76 again, sso when I was feeling myself spiral I did what I usually do and went through the games I owned to revisit one that I felt needed a bit more love and that's why I chose Fallout 76. Times when I played this game before I got frustrated with how slow levelling up was but that's all changed since playing again and completing main quests (challenges) instead of solely playing online events I found a new love for the game. I seem to love the games people hate on, it's funny though because people will make jokes about it without trying out the game again for themselves to see how fun it can actually be. 

However there are some things that irritate me about Fallout 76 even now, the main being is how much you get charged for fast travel unless you're getting close to the location. As someone that is careful with their caps I would have to figure out what I needed more, stimpacks, water, food, ammo or fast travel. When I didn't fast travel I ended up using a lot of the materials I saved up in order to survive, as time as gone on I have learnt how best to ration my supplies. There is a website (I don't use this but I know many people will and do) that lets you buy caps, you buy them online the player will join you in game then give you them. The downside of this is you could end up getting ripped off the upside is you have more caps which is limited to 40k, if you're thinking of trying this please do your research and be careful where you share your card details.

Since the release in 2019 (wow doesn't seem like that long ago) there have been several expansions to the game, each giving players different things to do as a team or on their own, the latest is called The Pitt which is a place in Pittsburgh that was first introduced in Fallout 3, players will get to find out what monsters await them and do their best to survive. Speaking of players, I came across a lot of helpful ones all the time in, they would guide me to supplies and help me with events but there were others that weren't so helpful and made me into a target to try and kill. At one point I shut down the game completely and went back to it because I never had enough caps to fast travel and just couldn't get away from them, I wasn't willing to lose my supplies on me for someone set on ruining the game for me.

For players who play Fallout 76 constantly it's a good idea to check out the subscription you can purchase called Fallout 1st, it comes with a lot of added bonuses and is a great tool for leveling up and making the most out of the game, the membership includes Private Adventures, Custom Worlds, exclusive cosmetic items, 1650 atoms a month (these are used to buy cosmetics in the in game store)  and many other bonuses. If you're trying to build and better your C.A.M.P the membership can make that process not only faster but a lot more appealing too so more players will want to join your team. To be honest i'm not too bothered with what my C.A.M.P looks like so long as it's in the right spot and not too close to danger for me. 

I spent a lot of my time exploring more of the map in order to choose to level up, not every area will be crawling with enemies, your best bet for levelling up is to take on Horde events which will level you up and give you legendary items, most of the time I do these events with other players they will randomly turn up and join in but if the game is quiet I don't mind trying to take them on alone. When I was a very low level trying this I would get very flustered and want to stop playing, a lot has changed since then. The option for public matchmaking can be fun and with less lag, glitches and bugs I found a new love for working as a team and meeting new people who are very polite when asking for help, when I first went back to the game I had someone playing on the same server as me for hours pointing out where I can find supplies which was very sweet of them, I regret not adding them as a friend now.  

I still see Fallout 76 as a game I would choose primarily to play alone but I highly recommend it as a multiplayer game for friends to play together, I also never thought I would choose Fallout 76 over Fallout 4, I have found myself going back to the wasteland in Fallout 4 many times but I needed something different to engage me. Don't get me wrong there are still issues I run into with bugs, glitches and lag but it's improved a great deal over the years and should have been dealt with before it was released in the first place but the new quests, fun tasks and exploration I can do in Fallout 76 has given me a new found love for it and I hope to continue enjoying it. 

Have a cosy day


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