Haven Park | Nintendo Switch Review.

Monday 17 January 2022

Publishers: Mooneye Studios
Developers: Bubble Studio
Nintendo Switch Review

A few months back I did a post with Haven Park included, it slipped my mind to write a review for it so here we are now. Keeping up with the theme of relaxing and cosy games Haven Park is no exception. It centers around a young bird called Flint, he has undergone the task of repairing his grandmothers island to get it up and running again, this is more than just a case of fixing things, Flint will be getting everything up and running again to make it a bustling business. Your task is to build campsites, collect supplies and create food and entertainment sources for the tourists who come to stay on the island.

Haven Park will take you on treks across the island to find each campsite that needs restoring again, you can return anytime you want to add or remove things to improve the happiness of the islanders. Sometimes residents will tell you about hidden treasures and other times you're tasked with solving puzzles, which are simplistic and very easy to do. At one point there was a solve this story kind of puzzle where I missed the mark a few times until I was able to get the the end and solve it for myself, the story was a bit strange and didn't make sense at times but still was interesting enough to want to solve. 

The quest checklist in your notebook helps keep you in line and gives a general idea on what you need to improve on it includes quests, things I have (carrying), skills and the map. The map will have a green tick next to it once you have finished everything in a certain area, without this I would have been clueless on what I needed to improve on or if I had missed any campsites that needed setting up. Players don't have to worry about rushing the game, it's the kind you can play at your own pace (the best kind for slow players like me), my main gripe was when Flint got stuck, this was mostly behind tree and would become a little annoying at times. 

Campsites can only cater to so many characters, you will need to make sure they all have a tent/bed, enough food supply and entertainment to keep them happy by collecting materials to customise the campsite. Players can easily see what is required for each campsite and once they have achieved it they will be given a tick next to that location on the map. Making money from the island is important to expand and add better facilities in the campsites, the food carts you place will make money for you automatically, the money just kept rolling in for me!

Besides that niggle there are parts of the game that were so wholesome, your surrounds are cute as can be and the islanders seem to be uplifting and charismatic which is such a delight to see, one of them asked me for a game of hide and seek, once I had stopped counting sure enough they disappeared, I didn't find them until a little while later when I had forgot I was meant to be trying to find them. Whilst building, helping and exploring Flint gets skill points and level up but to be honest I wasn't too bothered about getting these, all I really wanted to do was wonder around and watch the island grow whilst I collected materials and repetitive made Flint say pew pew pew (it's the little things in life right?).

I do have to warn you though, repetitiveness is something this game suffers with and if you get bored easily due to this you might want to avoid, however for me and players alike who need something slow pace it's nice to go back and forth and carry out tasks on an island full of animals that can speak. I had a lot of pleasure listening to the birds tweeting, the wind blowing and even the crickets and night, it wasn't overwhelming and the added bonus of being able to listen to the radio at a campsite made it feel very welcoming and familiar at the same time. This is one of them games you can come back to at anytime and carry on from where you left off, I was so engrossed I finished it within one day of playing. Do I recommend it? Yes I do, create a cute island with happy campers!

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