The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue | Book Review.

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Written by: Trevor Alan Foris
Genre: Fantasy/ Sci-Fi

Tiktok has slowly become a place I turn to to cheer me up some days, I've come across so many cool gadgets and books that my wish lists have grown fast, one such book was The Octunnumi, the buzz that surrounded it left me a bit skeptical as the books contents were a mystery and no one was talking about what occurs or what the storyline consists of. I was eventually brought around to the idea of pre ordering it after some Booktokers I watched said they enjoyed it, I actually had to pre-order it and it took around 3 months to arrive, the wait was no issue for me as I had plenty of books to get through as it is. When it arrived I fell in love straight away, the box it came in was black box with a message on the front, I opened it carefully to reveal the contents, a beautiful embossed book with black page edges, a definition and pronunciation booklet as well as a collector card, which you will see below:

The Synopsis:

The Octunnumi does not exist.

Fosbit and any files relating to a Fosbit do not exist.

The Tarelen peoples that protect and provide sanctuary for the Avitens of Fethrist are not real.

The abilities of the Tarelen peoples with their heightened skills, living in their Utopian world are myth,
their purpose here mere tales; rumours of their reincarnations enabling them to live many lives… ridiculous!

And there is definitely no magic. None at all. No, really, there isn’t. Magic is not a thing.

There are also no hidden worlds or mythical beings coexisting just out of sight.

Equally, there are no secret access points to these hidden worlds that don’t exist, and there is no ‘unfinished business from the past' that is set to destroy anything.

There is no disaster looming.

Anyway, regardless of any potential threat that may or may not be present, this publication, The Octunnumi and any reference to any other beings is a work of fiction.

And for the record, Scariodintts, should they exist, are perfectly lovely beings whose purpose in life is grossly misunderstood.

And for the record, Scariodintts, should they exist, are perfectly lovely beings whose purpose in life is grossly misunderstood.

My Review:

The Octunnumi is part of a series of books, this is just the prologue that opens us up to what The Octunnimi is, it follows the story of Reig and Trad who I fell in love with, they're twins with VERY different personalities who are known as Tarelen, they have lived and died many times over and due to their abilities they're able to regenerate whilst keeping their consciousness, each time choosing how old they want to look and what they want to look like. Yes, I know what you're thinking, that's just like Doctor Who and you're right except there is far more than one character that can do this, you see the Tarelens created The Octunnimi in order to protect and keep an eye on different universes that are open to vulnerability, these universes are known as Innesomids.

The concept of this blows my mind, Reig and Trad are able to travel through the Innesmoids and basically put a stop to the bad guys, they have given themselves a reputation and the book opens itself up for us to explore these places with them. In order to understand this adventure my biggest bit of advice is to find yourself a cozy quiet spot and immerse yourself as much as you can, there is going to be a lot to take in, the book throws you into different scenarios whilst also building up the world with lots of strange words this is why the booklet with the pronunciations and definitions. It can be tedious going back and forth to see what things mean but once you're clued up it's not so bad.

Reig and Trad's story is what stands out the most to me, they're the main protagonists of The Octuumini, they do their job well even if it means they don't always listen especially to their mother. The Tarelen are in a sticky situation, someone has come back, they mean business which has put the lives of those who live in the innesomids at risk. I don't want to give too much of the story away as it will ruin a lot of the mystery behind it, I can say there is an aspect of revenge, heroics and love, it's not a quick read at all but it's one I tried to read as slow as I could to take it all in, the book takes place in more than one era and in many different fairytale and fantasy worlds, it's seems to have everything in existence whilst also showing us snippets.

There is one little being that I loved in the book, you will eventually come across them but it's clear that they were created with love and love those around them, they brought a lot of brightnesses to a very difficult and trying time. Each and every character/being slots into the story and has a purpose, aspects such as walking into paintings and becoming a painting sets it apart from any other kind of book I have read, it was a mixture of Quantum Leap, The Ministry of Magic and so many other movies/books I have read except with it's own unique way of storytelling.

Now let's get to the added bonus of the book, I'm talking about the app you can download to bring the book to life, I've not seen this with novels before, i've seen it done with kids books (bookful) with the app you can scan certain pages and bring it to life and for those with a collector card like myself there is an added bonus. In the menu on the app you can access audiorays which tell you how the character names, beings, places and things are all said so you can imagine them a bit better, for me this was a big help as I was clueless when it came to pronouncing some things even with the help of the booklet.

The Author has a way with words, sometimes it got confusing but once the story comes together it's very obvious to see that his vision is more than just about aesthetics it's about creating a new world for us to love, want to explore and be part of. Don't expect all the answers at once, as I said before this is just the prologue it's main purpose is to provide us with the right information we need to understand what is to come, you may not like the sound of that but with the promise of a 12 book series it's understandable why the author chose to start it off like this. As a lover of fantasy I was left feeling anxious about what was to come next, I felt like I was in the book, my imagination took me on a journey that's for sure!


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