How I Make The Most Out Of The Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure.

Thursday 17 June 2021

This game isn't for everyone, there will be barriers for some people especially disabled players, there accessibility settings but to a certain extend. Some may say that having too many takes away from the exercising but what we need to remember everyone has a different limit when it comes to working out but sometimes the most simple exercise is a huge achievement for disabled players. For me I struggle working out for long periods of time and I have to pace myself which is why the Ring Fit Adventure works perfectly for me, each world I progress through let's me know beforehand how long it predicts it will take me to get through which is a big indicator of whether or not I will be able to handle it, sometimes I will press the menu button in between a workout just to compose myself and slow my heart rate down so I don't faint and yes I'm aware getting your HR up helps when working out but because I have a fainting chronic illness it can be dangerous for me. Below I have put together my guide on how I make the most out of the Ring Fit Adventure, you don't have to do any of this it's just what I personally prefer:

  • You're going to get hot and might not want to continue with the workout because the heat got too much, I use a fan pointed at me it helps a lot with my fainting and keeping control of my body temperature, I know a lot of gyms use air con so it kind of makes sense to have my own improvised version at home.
  • I know it's obvious but take regular breaks and drink plenty of water.
  • Make the most out of your settings - Some people I have spoken to don't bother looking at the settings and just continue with the generic settings the game gives them, you definitely don't have to do this, it can put a player off because they feel like they can't handle the worlds and workouts when in reality all it takes is a bit of tweaking here and there, so what are these settings I speak of? Let me explain:
  1. There is a setting called difficulty level its one of the most important ones for working out, the higher it is the harder the workout will push you, what I did was start on a low setting and gradually work my way up, I got so used to the setting I was on it didn't feel like I was pushing myself. The reason why I say gradually up it is because there are only 30 difficulty settings to go up to, moving up too quickly can often feel like you got used to it too fast and as if the game is no longer challenging you.
  2. You don't have to physically run in game and can do what the game calls silent mode instead, this involves little squat movements with your legs, for those who don't have much space ot can't make much noise this is a huge help, you still feel like you're getting a workout doing this mode, it can also help with stopping the leg strap slipping down constantly which is an annoying issue lots of us players have complained about.
  3. If you're restricted in certain movements make the most out of assist mode, don't feel bad about using it there are different ways to use and tweak these settings, there is an assist mode for back, knees, shoulder and abs, enabling these will turn off features the game would normally expect you to do and change it to just pressing a button but there still will be an element of working out you have to do helping you have a much more gentle experience playing.
  • Input your correct height and weight, this is to estimate how many calories it feels you have burned off with what your current stats are, the game doesn't track your weight you can input and change it at any time you choose to. My fitbit says slightly different to the game but due to it being estimates it's no surprise there.
  • Do the warm up and the cool down, your body will thank you a lot more for allowing to prepare not only mentally but physically, jumping right into it can often lead to me having to stop too quickly. 
  • Whilst on adventure mode sometimes you can find more health in the glowing pollen and flowers, use the ring con and pull outwards to check either side of you. 
  • I set the game to "always complete the last exercise" so it forces me to workout a little longer, you can set it to "Don't complete exercise" or "complete exercises that switch sides" instead
  • You don't have to play the actual adventure game, you can choose from the following modes:

  1. Adventure - This is the main game, you will level up and play through different worlds in order to defeat the main boss.
  2. Quick Play - Play casual mini games which I epically fail at!
  3. Custom - choose your own workouts and workout at your own pace
  4. Multitask Mode - this allows you to use the ring for the game whilst watching tv or a movie etc, you can squeeze it as many times as you want and it will count how many you have done, up to 500 reps can be recorded.
These games can be just as effective as Ring Fit Adventure, the adventure side of things can be annoying at times due to it's mini games, use the separate mini game feature to practice and get better at them for the adventure side of things, Quick play is one of my prefered features, I use it when I'm too exhausted to play the adventure game.

I try to set myself a target time when I start up the Ring Fit Adventure, anything over 30 minutes for me is a win, when I do a work out that's short than this I don't feel as if I made the most of my time on it, please bare in mind that everyone is different and playing can be very daunting especially when first starting it can feel like a drag trying to level up and unlock more workouts. Taking photos of what level I was on the previous time playing keeps me focused on what my next milestone will be, right now I'm trying to get to level 200 since getting past 150, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. As the world levels unlocked and I moved up in them the mini games included in the world adventures would become irritating, so be prepared to be stuck on them a little while, there is an option to pay to move on and you can turn on assist mode if you're struggling, for me I was too set on doing it myself to choose these options.

If you're going to start Ring Fit Adventure in the hopes to lose weight I just want to say this can aid towards weight loss but using this alone will not be the answer, for me eating less and being more active along with the Ring Fit was what helped me go from a size 22 to a size 16. Right now I'm at a bit of a stand still due to my own health issues so using the Ring Fit isn't the greatest idea for me yet but I know that once I'm back into to my routine I will see results again. 


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