The PS5 Pre Order Fiasco.

Monday 16 November 2020


I won't lie, trying to pre-order a PS5 was a mess, after the announcement on the price me and many others weren't aware that pre-orders would be going live on Game early hours of the morning and missed out, I'm kind of glad I did now as they are charging people £10 p&p for it, which is a bit steep on top of the £449 price tag already! We tried a number of different sites but was too late, we nearly got a pre-order from Very but quickly learnt they take the money straight away so that was a relief avoiding that. Then finally, I was told pre-orders for the PS5 on Amazon go live at 9.00am, James and I were both on our phones refreshing, the Kindle and a laptop but we kept getting booted back to the home page, finally 5 minutes in we managed to get one, yes I was relieved because both James and I have never had a console for day one release.

Not everyone was as lucky as me, some people got emails from Amazon saying that their pre-order isn't guaranteed and that they may not receive the item on day one, others got emails stating it never went through which was unfair to say the least, especially when this big mess wasn't meant to have happened in the first place. Sony ended up making an apology and reassuring people, they stated over the next few days more pre-orders will be available and retailers will share more info as well as more consoles being available through the year. The biggest issue with pre-orders is people pre-ordering loads at once then marking them up on eBay for thousands more than they're worth, the sad thing is some people will do anything to get hold of one and pay them prices.

Now don't get me wrong, if we couldn't pre-order a PS5 I would have been upset but I didn't mind waiting and over these past few months I have seen a lot of anger towards those who have pre-ordered one because they feel these people can afford to just drop money on the latest console. I find this way of thinking to be very ignorant and unfair, I actually did a whole post on what some people will do in order to afford the latest console. Ignorance is bliss with some people, yes, it's disheartening not being able to afford something but it gives you no right to pass judgement on others, if they choose to get the latest console it's none of anyone's business nor a reason to pass judgement. The issue at hand here is that consoles are getting more expensive due to better specs so people are willing to try and get hold of them to play games in better quality. I couldn't afford the PS4 when it first came out, I played my exes, we broke up and I still wanted to play so I got one when it was cheaper as I had the money at that time. I went to the launch day for the PS4 in my local Game and it was calm everyone was smiling and talking, so getting hold of a PS5 was a whole different kind of experience.

Apparently PS5 pre-order spots were available again after people started to cancel their pre-orders because they're angry over a BLM Playstation theme (ridiculous) the hate that surrounds it is disgusting and has shown just how ridiculous and racist people have become. I'm just going to reiterate this here so you know my stance on the matter, no one is saying all lives don't matter, the movement is to bring light to black lives right now due to how poorly they're treated and the assumptions made just because of their colour, it's as simple as that really and yes i stand with them in this movement, a playstation theme isn't hurting anyone you have the choice not to use it so it's silly cancelling your pre-order over it don't you think? 

PS5 games are very pricey and as someone who reviews games it's going to be hard to purchase what I want to review because it's going to become very expensive unless I'm sent them sometimes like I already am, I have that luxury but those who are getting into reviewing games don't so I can imagine just how disheartening this will be. The price of Switch games are a big reason why my collection is so small and I have brought more digital games than physical but I don't want to be doing this with PS5 as we chose the standard edition for a reason. I want people reading this to also realise if you can't get your child the latest console it's ok, you're not a failure, the pre ordering process was a mess and with lockdown in full swing it's going to be harder to get ones that are in store on the 19th and after this date. Just remember games for PS5 are also coming to PS4, so when you can eventually get a PS5 you can play them on the console saving you some money. Don't stress, you're not to blame! 

Now we are 4 days away from the release of the PS4 in the UK my feelings towards what happened when pre-orders went on sale havent changed and console wars are still in full swing. If Microsoft and Sony can both get along publicly on twitter I don't see the need for the console wars or arguing over which machine is superior, as you can tell from this post the gaming community can be very toxic, there is always going to be an issue with something and unfortunately most of the time it comes down to privileged people throwing hissy fits over the most ridiculous things. Hopefully, all pre-orders will be going out on time and people won't have to wait especially those who paid to secure their pre-orders, let's all be grateful we are privileged enough to be able to game, enough madness is going on in the world right now to be so petty over these things.


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