The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope. | PS4 Review.

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Developer: Supermassive Games
PS4 Review

Main Characters: 
  • Andrew - plays 3 characters which includes Anthony and Abraham
  • John - double is James
  • Taylor - double is Tanya
  • Angela - double is Anne
  • Daniel - double is Dennis

I've been so excited to write up my review for this game and knew I needed to be in the right headspace to get my thoughts down as soon as I could, since discovering The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan I found the latest installment would be coming out for Halloween and grabbed myself the collectors edition on Bandai, that was a paliva itself as the website wouldn't let me change my password for so long but once I pre ordered it I was on a countdown for its release, I had a feeling I would enjoy Little Hope a lot more than Man of Medan, don't get me wrong I enjoyed it but not as much as the second installment, all because it centres around witches and I'm a sucker for anything witch related. Since playing Man of Medan I had an idea of how these games worked now, yes I had already played games that determined my choice but anthology games follow the same process but they have different aspects to them for example the curator Is there to guide you and encourage you to finish the journey with some warnings along the way, it would be nice to know more about him but I have a feeling we will once all the games have been released.

Little Hope follows the story of 5 lost characters who have crashed in a spooky Silent Hill esk town, we know from the first part of the game that there are some strange happenings which took the lives of a family took place in this town and that one of the characters has an eerie resemblance to a boy from the crash. The resemblance storyline plays a huge part in the game as characters from the past are connected to the bus crash victims which opens one hell of an interesting storyline. The 5 characters walk around the town in the hopes they can find a phone or some kind of help but in the process it leads them to find out that nothing is as it seems and takes a dark turn. Ghosts appear and grab hold of characters showing them images from the past and their "doubles" who were accused of witchcraft and aiding witches, this led to being put to death in the worst ways possible. 

Fear plays a big part in this along with a big dose of a young child from the past being manipulated to do the bidding of a priest, hate breeds hate and he was easily able to turn the town on those he accused of being a witch, but with the characters from both past and present being able to interact at times (which is spooky enough as it is) can the modern characters convince the past who the real bad guy was or will it be too late for the accused? The cleverly crafted use of a cross over shows different sides to the characters thanks to their "doubles" the current day characters are clearly American whereas the past characters are from north of England, the game is set in New England which is in America and has a rich history that surrounds witchcraft and the trials.

I was mostly drawn to Andrew who happened to have connections to the witch trials, the first story of the family who died in a fire and the present day character, he seems to play the biggest role in the game and I found myself urging him to survive more than anyone but now I know his stories outcome I will definitely be playing my next play through differently. I found Little Hope explored the characters a lot more and we got to see their fears and how they work together as a team a lot more, permadeaths matter more to me in LH than Man of Medan due to this. We get the impression that these events were meant to happen to this group of people, they were meant to end up trapped there and this is where I get Silent Hill vibes wit the added bonus of the fog.

Making my way through the game was easy enough, I never encountered any glitches or bugs so the game play went smoothly, there seemed to be a lot more to explore and see unlike Man of Medan and this was due to the story setting, I also found the game to be a lot longer. The storyline had an unexpected ending to it and it is one of 6 endings you could get, I plan to do another playthrough for my Youtube channel and see where my bad choices take me. Again this game uses QTE (quick time events) throughout the game play, you can change the settings for QTE in accessibility settings so you don't miss press and end up getting anyone killed.

I wouldn't say this game is scary, yes there were some good jump scares but it's sad more than anything, superstition really did a number on people when it came to witch hunting and till this day the consequences for this were punishing others. Instead of using paintings to show premonitions they used postcards instead, it was clear that those who were killed in the witch hunts were those responsible for the deaths in the premonitions so when my time came I tried my very best to avoid this happening. You can also use the shared story mode with up to 2 players and Movie Night mode with up to 5 players, both these would make getting through the game a bit quicker and reaching different endings you desire but as a team.

The curtator still plays a huge part in the game but this time he seems a lot more intrigued over what you can accomplish and how you will finish of this story, this is the whole point in playing through these games, you choose the ending and outcome but we just have to see where all these outcomes eventually lead once we reach the last story, we have a few more games to go until then. There are other main characters within the game that are a massive part of the storyline, a young girl in particular who is at the center of this story, I was suspicious of her at times until the truth surfaced, I encourage anyone playing this game to make sure they look around as thoroughly as they can to be pulled into her story.

There is a huge improvement on gameplay in Little Hope compared to Man of Medan, you can tell the developers had a little rethink on how best to portray Little Hope and the story grips you more than you would think at first. These types of games have so much gameplay value which is an added bonus for the price of just over £20 (although it's on sale right now), I never felt like I had any issues with my playthrough and never in a million years saw the ending I got coming! The next installment for The Dark Pictures Anthology is called House of Ashes coming in 2021, it's set at the end of the Iraq War, a special forces team is sent in to hunt down weapons of mass destruction but they find something much more deadlier deep inside a Sumerian Temple. I have an inkling that this will be set around PTSD in the war so we will just have to find out, I hope you're all enjoying The Dark Pictures Anthology as much as I have been.


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