On the Grid | Tron Ares.

Wednesday 19 August 2020

I have been waiting for an announcement for what seems like decades now and finally, the time has come! We are getting another Tron movie!! Tron (original movie) was released in 1982 (way before I was even born) and back then the graphics were seen as amazing and something very unique espically as the movie is about tecnholgy, since then the sequel has changed the vision of the original Tron and brought it to life on a whole different scale but they still kept in theme with the tech used in the original (light cycles) as well as similar outfits which thankfully no longer have the awful helmet they wore in the original movie, legacy tried it's best to keep in theme with the original story but brought it up to date to keep the audience hooked on the beautiful world within the grid.

Legacy was so hit and miss with people that I know some will be happy for there to never be another Tron movie made again but for me, I loved both the original Tron and Tron Legacy. Legacy follows on from the original Tron and lets us into the personal life of Kevin Flynn and how his son never got over his disappearance. From the very start of Legacy, the music is what gave me chills, each song picked perfectly for the scene with the added bonus of daft punk doing the soundtrack. The story between Kevin Flynn and his son (Sam Flynn) rounded up Legacy nicely except for the ending when Sam rides off with Quorra, at first I wanted a spin-off movie with how she fit in the human world but realised it would no longer feel like Tron and I want to know more about the grid and what could possibly still be thereafter it was supposed to be destroyed so after reading what Ares is rumored to be about it got me thinking. 

Who will Jared be within this movie, will they portray him as good or as bad. I really want to see him as a good guy and its clear he is the main protagonist within the movie but how will it even tie into the first 2? I'm not a huge fan of Jared as an actor, as a singer I love him, his voice is amazing but there is just something about his acting that puts me off that I can't pinpoint, this hasn't put me off wanting to watch the up and coming Tron Ares though as I believe that once an actor has found the perfect roll for them (based on how I percieve them) I can relax and enjoy the movie.

I personally would love to see a far off part of the grid where we discover how they came to be and how they came to survive and if the world is any different from how far Legacy came. One particular thing I would love to know more about is the games and whether or not it is the main feature in another part of the grid. The whole thing seems so barbaric yet was such a cool feature. the original cycles from the first Tron were adapted so well in legacy and using them to race and fight to make them all the more fascinating to watch.

If they decide to go with mixing the real world and Tron together it will fit in tune with Quorra and Sam, I would want to see how it was possible, it was never explained before, the science behind it must be complicated but the title gives me the impression that there will be a battle involved perhaps with the digital world and real world, the title of the new Tron movie Ares is the Greek god of war so it would make sense to live up to that name with a battle or perhaps several battles. I'm still undecided on whether or not I like the name, it doesn't really fit into a digital. I have also started to wonder if they will be sticking with the name as Jared Leto deleted the title very quickly but the internet was quicker and managed to grab the name and screenshots super fast.

What I don't want to see is most of the movie in the real world moving away from the grid (which I don't think will happen as Jared's tweet says see you IN the grid) and what could possibly be there still, I love action and that's what Tron mostly involves, although there is more that needs to be explained about Edward Dillinger Jr. which was a very small role that just show cased who he was in the Legacy, what we do know about him is that his father was a villain in Tron and his son is a part of ENCOM who has followed in his fathers footsteps, his small role could be interupted as him making an appearance in Tron Ares but given that Cillian Murphy is an impeccable actor he would play both good guy and bad guy perefectly. 

I'm estatic to see Joseph Kosinski will once again be directing another Tron movie, I felt he did a wonderful job with Legacy and took the story in the best direction possible. Some of you may recognise his name from the movie Obvilion which turned out to be a great movie (at least I thought so) Joseph has a unique look when it comes to his movies and it shows in the way he directs with his visual effects he chooses to implement in movies, sci fi is definitely the style of movie that suits his directing with the except of Only the Brave which is a brilliant war movie that I have watched several times now. 

I can remeber a few years back now a friend of mine wrote a fb post about how Tron (original) movie was on TV and her and her kid were watching it and from that moment on he wanted to learn more about computers, coding technology etc, it's amazing that after all this time that a movie that is 30 years old can inspire the younger generation to want to try and learn something new. I feel like technology can open so many doors for people and if that passion is driven by a movie that is still going strong today then that movie has been able to achieve more than just make sales. 

I will be going to see Tron Ares in the cinema, I went to see Tron Legacy so many times when it first came out, even got a glow in the dark poster, the soundtrack and the Blu-Ray 3D version of the movie to watch on my parents old 3D Tv but soon discovered how sick it made me feel. If I could I would happily own a real life light cycle and an identity ring from the movie as I just love it so much! What are your feelings ok a new Tron movie? Would you rather the franchise is left alone or do you think more can be done with the story?


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