EasySMX Wireless Game Controller for Playstation 4/Pro/Slim/PC and Laptop | Review

Thursday 27 August 2020

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product in return for an honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone. This post contains an affilate code which will give you 10% off of this controller and most wireless controllers from EasySMX, it doesn't cost you anything to use it.

I'm always on the look out for different controllers for the PS4 and even ones that are compatiable with MAC/PC so I can use them on both, I was lucky enough to be sent to try out a new controller from EasySMX and was even given the choice of colour, obviously I chose the blue controller as I collect them as well as matches with my gaming chair. I don't tend to just go for any controller, in fact it has to be one that I'm confortable using so when I saw the added feature on this controller I was so pleased! I usually buy thumb grips as i'm so used to them now since I started using them about 4 years ago now, the dots around the rim of the analog sticks grip my thumbs well and they don't slide off at all.

Here are the features:

  • Wide Compatibility - PS4/Pro/Slim, PC & Laptop
  • Optimized Button & High-Sensitive Controller Design
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Fast Fairing & Long Standby Design
  • There is a built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Price - £19.84 
  • Choice of Red or Blue
  • Good Dupe for a PS4 controller

The layout is the same as a PS4 controller but with a few buttons that look slightly different and a light bar above the home button which changes colour throughout gameplay, at first I was taken back with how different the controls felt but after a few hours I was used to them. The controller is ergonomically designed meaning it's this way for comfort and efficiency giving you the best expierence it can whilst playing games. The shape and build of the controller is slightly bigger and feels a lot more chunky which is always an upside for me and anyone else who wants to use something that is better to hold on to, I find the hand grips is the main feature thats making the controller chunkier. 

I have played so many different games with this controller already just to be sure I can make the most out of it, I found I prefer using it for Destiny 2 and Fall Guys the most as I tend to grip hold of the controller tighter when playing shotting games as well as battle royale types of games such as Fall Guys. The controller is sweat proof and non-slip so if your hands get sweaty playing games like mine you can avoid this altogether, the analog sticks can move around at 360° much like an official controller and the touch pad works perfectly without having to pressed over and over again in order to work, with the added bonus of a click sound to know you have pressed it, it's a lot more sensive than the L2 AND R2 buttons, the design of the L2 and R2 button make it so they release slower than the Sony PS4 controller.

You will be pleased to know that it does come with a charger, it charges fast and I have been able to play games for about 10 hours before having to charge it again, my Kraken Razor headset is compatiable with the controller too and sound works perfectly fine through it (my headset has a jack attachment that plugs into the controller). I was pretty skepitcal about how much I would like this controller at first, especially when I realised the price of it but the more I used it the happier I was to carry on using it over a branded controller if I'm honest. The distance the Blutooth can work is 8 meters (24ft), it connects fast and easily and I'm able to turn on my PS4 by using the home button when I want to use it.

There is a share button and an options button on the controller that are fully functional making it feel like you're using a regular PS4 controller, the design as a whole is a lot more pleasing than other wireless unofficial PS4 controllers. If you choose to get this for your child because they have broken their controller and you don't want to spend too much money this is a perfect fit, it's pretty light weight and duerable (yes I tested it). I recently tried it on my Mac (ios) as I saw the features never mentioned anything about it being compatible and i wanted to try myself, I was surprised to find out that it kind of worked with Two Point Hospital, but even then it only allowed me to do the bare minium in the game, I couldn't control everything. I don't mind not being able to use it for my Mac though as I have another controller for that and prefer using this one for the PS4.

I always choose comfort over brand, I don't believe that just because something is from a top brand company it's the best of quality, considering this controller has the added bonus of me having to avoid buying more thumb grips for a controller, it has made it's way into my go to controllers I use whenever I'm gaming. I will happily be contonuing using this controller, the quality is of high standard and I highly recommend this controller, if you want to get one why not use the code: ellexmay to get 10% off this controller and most wireless controllers from EasySMX


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