Tech Tuesday | Fitbit Blaze Review.

Tuesday 14 May 2019

I'm not too sure why it's taken me this long to getting around to posting a review on my Fitbit Blaze but where we are, I'm finally doing it! The sole reason for me having a Fitbit has always been my chronic illness (Neurocardiogenic Syncope), I needed something to help me keep an eye on my BP and the first Fitbit I had (Charge) was perfect for that, it was a great tracker but a year after I reviewed it the strap kept breaking and I sent it off numerous times to get it fixed and eventually brought a strap to fix it myself, it was fairly simple to do, to be honest. Last year I asked James if he would get me the Blaze for my birthday as it was a reasonable price since the newer Fitbit's had been released, he said yes and we managed to get it on sale for £128 but it's a lot cheaper now. The reason why I stuck with Fitbit was that I felt comfortable using their products since I had used the Charge so much, I do also own another fitness tracker called the Fourfit Smartwatch that I tend to use when I have my Blaze on charge.

First Impressions:

I already knew what the Blaze looked like, I had chosen it myself and didn't mind that shape of it, some may say it looks too bulky but I personally like how big the display screen is. When I first opened it I was pleased to see the design of the charger had changed as I hated the Charge charger, it would have to be charged laying on its side so the cable didn't fall out but with the Blaze I would pop it in its cradle, close the lid and it would charge without issue. The Blaze was fast and easy to set up, I didn't have any issues connecting it to my Samsung S6 that I used to use and enjoyed how customizable the app was to fit what I wanted to display, my favourite feature was that there is a selection of clock faces you can choose from but it is very limited, luckily I like the ones I can choose from. The clock face pops out of the strap easily and you can customise straps to match what you're wearing or your favourite colour (which I plan on doing eventually). Some may find it bulky but I personally like the sleek design of the clock face.

  • Steps, Distance, Active minutes and Calories Burned
  • Workout Stats
  • Measure Sleep and has Silent Alarm
  • Interchangeable Bands
  • Purepluse Continuous Hear Rate
  • Display calls, Texts and has Music Control
  • Relax to help you relax
Overall thoughts:

As far as I'm aware the step feature is somewhat accurate but as I mostly use mine for the HR monitor that's the main feature I cared about, luckily it has been a big help and picks up when my HR goes high or low which are both my warnings for when I may be able to faint, because of this feature I can't live without using a fitness tracker now as it's a huge comfort to me. I do try to work out when my body allows it and when I do it tracks my steps, HR and time I've worked out perfectly, this is mostly because you can choose what type of workout you're doing. I myself mostly do dance workouts but the Blaze doesn't have this option so I just set it to work out where it will time and record how long I worked out for, how many calories I burned and my HR.

At times I found the strap rubbed on my arm especially when I'm sweaty so it's a huge reason why people would want to find a strap that doesn't do this and is much comfier to wear. I have a fairly small wrist but decided on getting a larger strap as I don't like the strap to be too tight otherwise it's really uncomfortable for my wrist, mine came in black. The back of the clock face has a green flashing light which I've never been a fan of, it puts me off wearing the watch to bed because the green light annoys me, it's visible easily when you move our wrist slightly.

I have had several issues where the Blaze will have to be reset because it would no longer connect via Bluetooth to my phone and at one point I did want to chuck it out the window after trying to connect it 7 times! The 7th time was the lucky one apparently and I haven't had any issues since a couple of months ago (fingers crossed). You can connect more than one device to your Fitbit account and set up a family section on the app you can set yourself up as the guardian of the account, add more guardians, invite members or create a child account. My only issue with a child account is that it could lead to unhealthy habits where kids are getting obsessed with what they eat and how many steps are taken and can be a rocky road to go down.

The app allows you to look at previous workouts, sleeping, food you have added, water intake and previous HR recordings but you have to make sure that it's been synced up in order to record most of these things, water intake and food intake is done manually by you. Customising your dashboard on your app helps you be in control with what is most important to you, you can add or remove things much like I did and you can even track your periods using the app. I don't use this feature as it's not as accurate as the Lady Timer app I use.

There is another Fitbit app called Fitstar which has 3 built-in workouts which you can access on the Fitbit Blaze, these are free to use, they are Warm up, 7-minute workout and 10-minute abs. I have used the warm-up one but I prefer dance workouts if I'm honest. To get more workouts you will need to download the app Fitbit Coach which used to be called Fitbit Star, it's a pay monthly service which can be a big help to those who want to work out at home (can do the same in the gym too). You can use Fitbit Coach to your benefit as it can help you get your steps up when you challenge others using the main Fitbit app or just use the Fitbit as you normally would.

I suffer badly from anxiety at times so I often try to find apps that help, the Fitbit Blaze comes with a feature called Relax this feature allows you to take some time out and breathe, helping you calm down, it doesn't work all the time but when it does it's a great little thing to have especially if you don't have your phone with you, you can just click on the feature and zone out, you can choose from a 2 minutes breather or a 5 minutes one. Overall I love my Blaze, battery life is around 3 days but can be less depending how much you use it, I usually charge mine overnight but sometimes that's not needed because mine takes around 40 minutes to be fully charged. It's not the most affordable tracker but it has some great features which you can customise to fit you. 

The added bonus of being able to join groups as well as post on the community feed helps you interact with others and see each other's progress, food, how well they have slept, trophies they earned, photos of anything from where they have been to what they're doing now and people can comment or cheer others on which is a really nice touch, encouragement is always welcome in my world! I personally give this device 4/5 I can see myself eventually upgrading again one day but for now, I'm happy with my Blaze.


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