Anthem | My Favourite Elements.

Thursday 23 May 2019

This is a game I wasn't sure about writing about, I sat here for a whilst thinking about it and the backlash that Anthem got, I wholeheartedly understand the issue with the game and the ethics that surround Anthem but I still wanted to write about some of the elements in the game that I enjoyed and I hope people can understand that this is all it is, it's not me sticking up for what has happened. So, first of all, I want to address that I gave into the hype of this game, I fell in love with the trailers and the gameplay that was released and knew I had to give it a go so my partner pre-ordered me and him a copy of Anthem, mine was mostly an anniversary present. I jumped right into the game, I couldn't wait for James to come home from work as I wanted to give it a go first which I'm glad I did as it helped me understand what I had to do even though I had played the Beta before but that was a disaster and I had so many issues connecting to the servers.

Customising your Javelin:

I'm one of them people who cares what my character looks like in a game so being given the option to change the colour, shades and even pattern of amour I'm wearing in a game is a huge thumbs up for me. When it came to Anthem I thought I could only change the shading, material, and texture of the amour and only discovered I could change the colour when I was watching a video on Youtube. Me being be changed my Javeline to blue and white straight away because they looked amazing together, then I decided to be a bit more daring and go for purple and purchase a new pattern and boy it looks good! Not only does it make it easy on the eye so I don't have to look at ugly amour but when I was taking screenshots of my Javelin they turned out beautifully, although I wish there was a photo mode in the game so I didn't have to wait for the game to go into a rest mode scene to take pictures. I specifically play as a Storm Javeline as their armor looks the best (to me anyway).

Stronghold mode:

This is what those of us would play over and over again when the Beta came out, given I sucked at it and once again the servers sucked but once I got the game and was able to unlock more Stronghold's I started to really enjoy them. Working as a team with other players in Anthem is a delight I have only had a few times where people refused to revive me and went off on their own but the ones who didn't would work really well alongside me as a team and we were able to get through each Stronghold pretty fast in the end, I guess that's like with most games though I can get through them faster once I level up. I know it can get repetitive but personally each time I play Stronghold with different I tend to have different experiences and most of them good, being able to have the option to up the difficulty makes it more of a challenge, my favourite Stronghold would have to be Tyrant Mine. Although there are only 3 to play through right now, I probably waste most of my time playing them.


This was the mode I was looking forward to playing the most, I wanted to bump into other players and see how they customised their Javelins and I wasn't disappointed, we would help one another when there was a World Event which would end pretty fast with a team of more than two but even faster if you play on easy mode. You can fly around exploring on your own or have the option of helping others who are on the same server as you. when I was exploring other players would help me find collectibles which I may have missed, we would hunt down Titans and defeat them in order to collect materials for missions we were given and whilst exploring in free play mode I unlocked more missions but that was a pain at times especially when it came to trying to find a certain enemy to kill for supplies and they could take ages to spawn. But all in all, I find the experience of Freeplay enjoyable and it's helped me find new friends who also play Anthem.

Javelin options:

I'm a huge fan of Destiny and having the option to choose guardians was one of my favourite things about the game, Anthem has characters similar to guardians except for their called Javelins and they're suits that your character wears and you have to level up in order to be able to unlock more Javelins. Each Javelin has its own perk but I personally love playing as a Storm Javelin, as I said above I think they look the best. You're able to make more than one of the javelins that means you can create 5 Storm Javelins if you choose or just have one of each of the 4 options, I have only unlocked 3 out of the 4 you can choose from. When I first started playing the game I played as a Ranger but it wasn't for me, the other options are; Ranger Javelin, Colossus Javelin, Interceptor Javelin, I have seen some pretty cool looking Javelins created from all 4 options whilst playing online.

Although I have only listed 4 main things there is a lot more I enjoyed about Anthem including the story but I wanted to focus on the main elements that stood out for me.


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