Top Playstation VR Game Picks.

Wednesday 24 April 2019


Back in 2012 my parents got a 3D Tv and it was a whole new game changer, my family and I sat and watched the Olympics together but I could only manage it for short periods of times as it made me feel sick, we even tried some games out in 3D on the PS3 and the motion sickness from that was even worse for me and after that I tried to stay away from watching anything in 3D even at the cinema, then last year James and I got a PSVR and I instantly jumped at the chance to play it knowing full well it would make me sick. The PSVR headset is large but don't let that put you off giving it a go, once it's on your head you don't notice how big it is unless you keep touching your face but it helps immerse you into the VR world in no time (well once you have configured the settings). I have put together a list of my top PSVR games:

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a game my boyfriend wanted as soon as he saw it was out, he was seeing a lot of hype about it and told me all about it! Obviously, I recognised the bots from The Playroom on my PS4 and I have always found them adorable! The aim of Astro Bot is a platform game that's in 3D, you take control of Astro (the cutest little bot there is) by using your PS4 controller, once you remember where all the buttons are on the controller whilst using it without looking due to wearing the PSVR you get used controlling Astro. When you move your head you find yourself looking at different parts of the world, your aim is to rescue bots in different worlds with the help of Astro and in order to fight the boss at the end of the levels you would have needed to collect a certain number of bots to unlock it, the game will make you go back and rescue more in order to achieve this. It's not a scary game and has a lot of fun features to use such as blowing the microphone headset to blow flower petals and walking on tightropes!

Beat Saber is one of the games that you have to experience, you will need two move controllers for it first but once you got them you can game away all you like, this game started off life as a PC game and as soon as I saw it on PC I knew I had to play it one day, when they announced it was coming to PS4 I was pretty excited (I still am!). The aim of the game is simple, you see approaching blocks coming your way in sync with whatever song is playing, you use the motion controllers as lightsabers which you hit the incoming blocks with, the sabers are different colours and whatever colour the approaching block happens to be you must hit with the correct color saber. As someone who has bad hand-eye coordination, I have a feeling that this will be pretty hard for me but it does make a great work out!

If you love shooting games Farpoint should be right up your street, my partner ordered this game along with a PS motion controller gun which is massive and awkward to use yet so much fun at the same time, it's your typical alien game but with a difference, you get to experience them close up and personal in your face and have to fight your way across a planet in order to search for the crashes space station called The Pilgrim whilst finding survivours along the way. What I liked about this game is you weren't sure what enemy would come for you next and at times you would find yourself overwhelmed with the number of enemies coming at you because they get so close to you, I was very cautious with how much ammo I would use and tried to hit them and kill them in a few shots as I could.

Safe to say I couldn't play this game myself but Resident Evil 7 is one hell of a scary game even when you watch others play it on PSVR, I'm the type of person that will play a scary game but it will take a lot for me to continue to play it and if it's up close to my face that would scare me too much, but for people who are lovers of horrors the PSVR version of RE7 is perfect for them. You play as a man called Ethan Winters from a first-person perspective and are on a mission to find your missing wife, the game has a bit of a different twist where it concentrates more on horror and exploring than it does action which adds to the tension when playing using the VR, from the Twitch streams I watched I think the game would be so stress and panic-inducing for me that I would never go back to it again.

A much more chilled out game to play is Moss, as someone who enjoys puzzle games this was a breath of fresh air even if I was a bit clueless over what I had to do at times, the mouse in the game is called Quill and we help him navigate the game and battle enemies, it's pretty cool to see how well interactive gaming like this can work because we are seeing the hero from the outside as a guide whereas most games I play as the protagonist and feel accomplished when I get through the game as that character but seeing Quill work so well alongside you and achieve things gave me more delight than playing as a protagonist. The best feature about this game is the use of sign language and how Quill uses it to communicate with the player, it's a feature that I give a huge thumbs up to!

Some of you are probably sick of seeing Skyrim brought out on different consoles but I oddly am not, Skyrim is one of the games that I invested hours and hours of time into and never got bored because it was such a big open world to explore, when it came out on PSVR my boyfriend jumped at the chance of getting it, the only issue is how sick inducing it was for me, every head movement was too much yet I loved seeing the world of Skyrim right in front of my eyes. If you're not that sensitive to VR movement get yourself a copy of Skyrim and explore it in a whole new way.


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