Two Point Hospital | Steam Review

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Publisher: Sega
Developer: Two Point Studios
Steam Review

Whilst I was ill these past few weeks I decided to distract myself with an easy to follow game that didn't need much concentration and seeing as I had got Two Point Hospital not long before it was the game I chose. Since the announcement of TPH there has been a lot of excitement which I was pleased to see, it's so similar to Theme Hospital that people couldn't wait to feel like they were taking a step back in time especially with some of the original team from Theme Hospital working on TPH, I myself was one of those people but had to wait till it went down in price before I got it, I know £25 isn't a lot to some people but to others like myself on a budget it is, that money can usually be used towards a food shop which is more important than a game, but alas I ended up getting it when a sale was on.

When I first started to play the game I realised quickly that if I didn't plan it right I will just end up bankrupt and either have to take out loans in the game or start again and I promised myself that on my first try I would take it slow and take in all the tips that were given to me in order to run a successful first hospital, the instructions were simple and easy to follow but you would often have to wait to understand certain features and because I'm impatient I decided to look online for a guide to help me so I could make the most of my hospital. I don't want this whole review to be about comparisons with Theme Hospital but it's the closest comparison there is to it and the best one out there even if it's not available on PS4 it works perfectly well as just a PC game.

Running a hospital is far from what it's cut out to be and once things speed up for yours you will find yourself trying to increase certain things such as your reputation, the higher your reputation the more chance in people coming to your hospital and you being able to earn money and hopefully turn a profit. At times the hospital would become overwhelmed with the number of people coming through the doors and I would soon learn how best to lay out benches for them all to sit on as well as making sure certain facilities were easy to get to such as the toilets, food and drink machines, magazine racks but even doing this isn't enough to just lift their spirits, something as simple as adding plants around the hospital seemed to make people more cheerful.

My hospital would fill up with decorations just to please others and most of the time it was the plants which the janitors would have to keep watered otherwise peoples happiness would get low and my ranking on the scoreboard would drop. The scoreboard is a great feature, I can be very competitive at times in video games so I would often take a peek at where I was ranked and try to improve, the board would give me some kind of inkling on how I could make this possible and I would spend a little while working on it in game.

The happier patients, staff and the hospital inspector are with your hospital the more points you earn to level up which will help you unlock certain rooms for your hospital, once you have unlocked them you will be able to cure and help new cases, hire more staff and earn more money, you can set your prices as high or as low as you want but this will come with consequences because you can lose money fast if they're too low or you can lose potential patients if they're too high which will lower your reputation which is something I wasn't willing to risk, I usually set the more expensive treatments a little lower and the lower treatments a bit higher to see how it would balance out.

There are items which you can unlock with a currency called Kudosh, you can get this by performing takes such as curing a certain number of patients, leveling up rooms and even raising staff morale which was a pain in the bum at times because you was given a number of days to do it in. Another way to do them is by taking on fellow players on your steam friends list, I love doing this as there are usually 3 different options I can choose to try and compete against them with, I haven't lost yet as far as I know but this is a very welcomed addition to the game, it makes it feel like more than just a single player game and gives you something else to compete for. 

I've moved on to my fourth hospital now which didn't take too long, I tend to speed things up and try to complete as many tasks as I can as they get sent to me but in doing this it meant that the staff were overworked and getting fussy, they would often demand a promotion and most of my outgoings would be spent on higher staff pay but this just goes to show how much work people in the medical field actually do and how some of them work for so little compared to doctors. I'm not that great at this game and my hospital was all over the place, people had long waiting times and were fed up but this was because there just wasn't enough room for me to extend the hospital I had to work with that I had.

Some of the time you will find you have no choice but to hire staff that come with a low rating and just wait until you have leveled up to hire better-ranked staff, this can affect how your hospital is run and you will have to wait until later on when you have unlocked more hospitals in order to train your staff, I think it was my third hospital I was able to do this in and it was a huge help, different staff could train each other, they each had skills which others could use which isn't something that would happen in the real world, nor is diagnosing someone with monobrow (which is slightly hilarious). Each member of staff is important to the game and can perform a number of different tasks and jobs, my favourite out of all of them is the janitor's ability to catch ghosts.

The best thing about the game is you can leave the staff to get on with their job but your job will mostly involve overseeing what is going on, staff will put themselves on breaks but its usually when they're close to running out of energy so I usually put them on a break when their energy bar goes orange that way it won't take too long for their energy levels to go back up, I also make sure they're all on a fair wage and that they're happy with the amount they are getting but this also meant that a lot more of my money coming out was mostly on wages as I mentioned before, I was careful to make sure that although it was fair it wouldn't make us lose money.

Overall this game is an updated version of Theme Hospital but with its own identity, I found myself going back to it and spending hours making sure my hospital is run well and making money. The multiplayer element makes it more intriguing and brings out a competitive side in me and I can't wait to carry on opening more hospitals and trying not to take out loans! I give this game 5/5 gold stars.


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