Top 5 Heartbreaking Choices in Detroit: Become Human.

Wednesday 14 November 2018


I'm a huge fan of Quantic Dream games and find myself playing them over and over again, what you can guarantee with these games is that they tend to push the limit when it comes to the storyline, a lot of people tend to find it uncomfortable and aren't able to progress any further but I personally like to see if I can make it in games like this and need to see what the outcome is otherwise I annoy myself and end up looking it up on google, I prefer to experience it myself and take it all in. For me Detroit Become Human is more than just a game, it's like playing through an interactive movie, there is a movie called Hardcore Henry which I always felt had video games in mind, it makes me think about how many more video games could be adapted into movies from a first-person perspective. Detroit Become Human, however, is told from a third person perspective but is able to pull you in and make you feel like your one of the androids. Below will be the top 5 heartbreaking choices players had to make in Detroit Become Human and some terrible things players had to do in order to get through the game:

1. Sacrificing Connor to Save the Girl:

Connor is and always be my favourite character in the game, from the moment I played the demo I knew I didn't want him to die so when I played the game for the second time I accidentally got him killed when he was trying to save the girl, this game relies on choosing different options for different outcomes so when I made the choice to play through the second time I decided I wanted to get him killed further on in the game but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Luckily for Connor, there is more than one android of him so not long after his death his replacement carries on his work, but it still didn't stop me feeling guilty about him falling off of a roof.

2. Markus Stealing Parts from Other Androids:

I have spoken about this before, Detroit Become Human reminds me of AI (Movie 2001) massively, it has a lot of the same kind of elements in and they both messed with my emotions. One scene in DBH that stood out for me was when Markus had to find parts to replace his broken body in the dump, it's sad seeing so many androids thrown away so carelessly like they're nothing yet some still working but not having the right parts in order to fix themselves and think clearly like Markus could. Making my way through the sea of bodies made me realise how we as humans can discard things so easily but in order to help Markus live, I was willing to help him find what he needed to get him to Jerico.

3. Kara Leaving Luther to Die:

Luther and Kara didn't start off on the best foot but throughout the game, they began to care for one another as well as Alice who shock horror isn't a human! They have been through a lot and faced most of it together but at one point in the game they end up getting separated but whilst Kara is escaping with Alice they come across him and a group of other people, she has the choice of trying to rescue them or not. Although in a way it would be selfish for Kara not to try and rescue Luther in a way I get it, she is just trying to survive in a world riddled with androids made to be slaves (which I'm not ok with!). Facing a new life without Luther is a hard choice but it's one that can be made in the game.

4. Markus Takes Norths Heart:

Markus has become a strong leader and the androids believe he can save them and make others listen but unfortunately their peaceful protest turns into something more dangerous, the androids must face the humans and fight them in order to be listened to. Playing through the fight was awkward and sad at times because so many androids lives were lost, North and Markus have a close bond and she is willing to do anything to help him so when Markus needs a new heart she tells him to have it, this choice took me by surprise and I felt terrible for doing it but I eventually agreed and let North die, what it did show me was that Markus and North knew what love was even though they were never meant to feel.

5. Connor gives away the location of Jerico:

This is one where you can forgive Connor even though it was an awful thing to happen in the first place he automatically gave a transmit to where the location was, to me I couldn't see Connor being the bad guy but thanks to certain actions this moment was bound to happen, Connor isn't the only one in control of his body so when he gives away the location to the androids he isn't completely to blame nor responsible for the deaths of deviant androids. I was so worried about the outcome to this because I didn't want to have to see the destruction that was to come. Even after all this and confronting Markus, you can luckily choose the life of as a deviant or remain a machine.

What are your top 5 hardest choices in Detroit: Become Human?


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