Moonlighter: Sell by Day, Fight by Night | PS4 Review.

Monday 25 June 2018

Publisher: 11 Bit Studios
Developer: Digital Sun
PS4 Review

*Disclaimer: I was sent the code for this game in return for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone if you want to know more about my disclaimer please see my contact and disclaimer at the top of my blog.

Once again I heard about this game from another person, I looked into it and realised how much it reminded me of Stardew Valley which is an awesome game to be compared to. I saw that I could apply for a code for it and jumped right in, what appealed to me most about this game was the style of it and how adorable the chibi-like characters looked, even the monsters were adorable, as soon as you start the game you're thrown into the deep end, with only a broom to fight with you soon learn that you're meant to lose the first battle and you get spat out of the Golem Dungeon and into a quaint little town called Rynoka where the protagonist, Will is a shopkeeper. Will has always dreamed of being a hero which is possible, he has to venture the dungeons to defeat monsters and collect supplies for his shop, the gold from the sales are used for a number of things such as upgrading his shop, amour, new shops.

There are 5 different kinds of shop in which you can invest your money into:

  • Vulcan's Forge: where you can buy and upgrade armour and weapons in order to defeat the harder monsters in the dungeon.
  • The Wooden Hat: which sells enchantments and potions, stock up on health potions so you can stay inside the dungeons for longer.
  • Le Retailer: This guy is basically your competition but if you're desperate for supplies you can go to him to get them.
  • Banker: Need to grow your money? This is the best place for it.
  • Hawker: He supplies objects that you can buy to make your shop look more enticing to customers.

There are 4 different upgrade levels for your shop, the more you upgrade the more items you can put out for sale, when you first start out you will only have 4 tables to sell from, this makes it feel like you spend most of your time adding more items to each table once an item has sold out and on top of that you need to work out the correct price to sell your items for. The best advice I was told to do this was by putting out only 1 of each item at a price you think is right and to see if the customer is annoyed by the sale which they will show with a kind of sad face, satisfied which they will show with a smiley face or if they think it's a steal which will show with a smiley face with coins in its eyes. These are the best indicator of whether to up the price or lower it, it doesn't take too long to work out and you will soon get the hang of selling your supplies.

One of the most important things to remember in this game is to always make sure that you have more than 200 gold coins on you, my reasoning being is that when you're inside the dungeon and need to leave it will cost money to do so by using a pendant, if you have collected supplies and don't have enough gold coins to leave you will find yourself pressing circle and reaslising the items you have collected are being sold in order to make enough money for you to leave, doing this will just be a waste on your supplies especially because they will be sold for less than you actually sell them for in your shop. On top of all that if you die in the dungeon you will lose all of your supplies and will have to go back to kill the monsters again for your supplies, each time you go back into the dungeon it will change so you're met with a different layout and different kinds of monsters. One thing to remember is if you use the pendant to leave the dungeon all progress that you made in that dungeon will be lost so your best bet is to summon a portal to leave, by doing this it's a lot more expensive but will save where you last left off inside the dungeon.

At time's it can get tedious having to go in and out of dungeons to collect supplies and much like there isn't an end or purpose to it but trust me there is, you need to kill the bosses in  all the dungeons in order to become the hero Will has always dreamed of being but to get close to killing any of them you need the right weapons and armour to protect yourself, at time's fighting will be hard as, personally I wasn't sure when the enemy would hit so I had to work out how they behaved and when was the right time to strike, your health can quickly go if you make the wrong move so your best bet is to try to dodge the enemy until you know the right time to hit them and move away from them. Byt upgrading your bed you will be able to better your health, upgrading amour is the far better option for this though and will help you stay in the dungeons that much more long before having to get out because you're close to dying.

The dungeons hold all sorts of treasures you can collect, it's where you will first find the pendant you use for leaving the dungeon if you hit a skeleton within one you will be able to find potions and weapons, which is slightly creepy but you do spend a lot of the game hitting things in order to get loot. If you don't come across any skeletons and need potions don't worry too much, head on over to The Wooden Hat at night and grab yourself some, they are half price at night but don't forget to make sure you have collected enough slime from the dungeon you can get this by defeating slimes in the dungeons. One interesting fact about the dungeons is that each of them is named after the people who attempted to burgle them and the town was named Rynoka due to these burglars, both heroes and burglars are the ones who founded the little town.

I like Will's character, he has a lot of balls to leave the safety of his shop/home to get loot and supplies for his shop and to live out his dream of becoming a hero and although the game can be slow and take a long time to get anywhere it's worth it in the end, this game has a lot to offer and will keep people busy for hours so I'm going to give it 4/5 for how addictive it can get. 

Elle May


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