I Want to Live in a Video Game!

Tuesday 19 June 2018


Ever sit and wonder what it would be like to live I a made up world? Me too! Except my made up world wouldn't be one you see in the movies it would be ones from video games, I have a top 3 that I would love to live in and feel like I should share them all with you, my first choice would have to be Fallout 4, I probably could say all the Fallout worlds but I think Fallout 4 fits best as it's the one I'm an avid gamer in, what I love about this world is it's not only set in the future but it's also got elements of the 40's and 50's and era that I love due to the retro furniture and cool outfits people would wear. I spent hours upon hours exploring the wasteland and coming across cool and scary things, and although the game is basically about life after the Nuclear war the world as people knew it was changed forever and in its place are new hybrids of not just animals but plants and humans. I was probably my most active exploring the outskirts of Fallout 4 but at the same would find myself utterly worried that I would get killed very quickly by a Deathclaw, the chameleon Deathclaw would be one of the worst ones if I'm honest, blending in with the background to jump out at anytime no thank you! But even if it is a little scary when the day is winding down and you're watching the sun go down between the trees, you know that there is so much more out there for you to find and the sunset is gorgeous.

Next up would be Horizon Zero Dawn, tribes against machinal monsters is a pretty cool concept, having to be stealthy enough to hide from them and kill them and be able to use their parts to your advantage makes it that much more fun. I love the costumes and how unique they are, Aloy the protagonist in the game has a number of costumes which you can collect and use and always manages to look stylish, the thing that stands out the most about Aloy for me is that she is a redhead like myself, would love to become friends with her and learn her hunting skills but most of all I would love to make a home in the beautiful and vibrant lands maybe live in the Meridian Village and learn a trade but most of all, I would love to have full control over a strider!

Lastly would have to be Bioshock Infinite, I chose this one specifically because it was mostly up in the air and I could get from one place to another just with the help of a skyhook, I would love to live life as Elizabeth, her powers are amazing and to be able to open up portals and travel back and forward in time would be a right eye opener. Given that it would be frustrating running and hide all the time but to experience a rich world like Columbia with all the latest steampunk tech would be fun, especially seeing the Big Daddies looking a little less scary than they are in the first two Bioshock's. Elizabeth's style is gorgeous and she always manages to look great even after nearly falling to her death, in the DLC I love how she can pull off a sophisticated look. The architecture has been used brilliantly, the style is very much 1800's America in a 1900's world and is almost dreamlike, and I would most definitely love to fly inside an airship!

Those were my main three that I would pick but ever since E3 I have lusted over a few worlds that appeal greatly to me such as Cyberpunk 2077, who wouldn't want to be able to express themselves through their clothes and music and not be judged for it, although there is a lot more to that game than the fashion, the violence and fast pace of it all still wouldn't put me off. Another game would have to Anthem, it's not everyone's cup of tea but it reminds me a lot of Titanfall which is why I feel that it appeals to me so much. What video game world would you love to live in?


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