Destiny 2 | How different will it be to Destiny 1?

Friday 19 May 2017

A lot of day one Destiny players including myself sat down to watch the Destiny 2 gameplay and new trailer reveal yesterday, some watched on Twitch but I watched via YouTube. It crashed a few times which I found very annoying but at least I got see all the important info about what Destiny 2 will include. For many people they found Destiny repetitive and they felt like it wasn't worth playing but for me it's grown on me more and more, yes it has been an expensive game to go out to buy but I've found a lot of friendships through Destiny and when James and I started out as friends Destiny brought us closer together, so the game itself means more to me than others do. Destiny 2 hype is real, I'm worried it won't live up to this hype but this didn't stop me from making my pre-order of it. Here is what we know so far; There won't be any new classes which were rumoured for a while but that doesn't really matter when the guardians all have new subclasses to use. The new subclasses are called Dawnblade (Warlock), Sentinel (Titan) and Arcstrider (Hunter). What I noticed about the Sentinel is how similar it is to Captain America, me and James sat watching the stream and said it at the same time but in a way that's cool, a little bit of a rip-off but I would still enjoy using that subclass none the less. You will be able to transfer the likeness of your guardian from Destiny to  Destiny 2 but you won't be able to transfer all your gear, I know that sucks because many of us worked hard to require the gear we have but I don't mind starting over again, from what they said in the reveal it sounded like we will have to level up all over again.

The thing that appealed to me most from the stream is that you won't have to go into the orbit to visit another planet anymore, I've had many times where Destiny would just load forever in orbit and it would be really frustrating especially when people are waiting for you to join their fireteam. Instead, you can open your ghost and select the planet you want to go to from the location you're at there and then. There will also be new weapons, you can't really have a new game without new weapons, can you? The weapons have been changed up a lot, the game reveal said there will be lots of new exotics and instead of having the primary, secondary and heavy weapon slots it will be changed to kinetic, energy and power slots. One of the new weapons in the power weapon slot will include a brand new type of gun added to the game, the grenade launcher which is a much-welcomed gun, in my opinion, another new gun that's been added is the chaingun which looks pretty cool to use from the gameplay they showed. The crucible will be changing too, there will only be 4v4 players so could this mean that certain crucibles will be changing to 4v4 player instead of 6v6 (Clash) or will they be ditched completely? They want to focus on smaller teams on new map modes so we will have to see what crucible matches stay and what will be replaced or removed completely. For those who play on PC don't be disappointed because you will be able to get Destiny 2 on PC it will work via Blizzard's The PS4 version will have PS4 exclusive content for a limited time which many who will be playing Destiny 2 on PC and Xbox will find unfair but as a PS4 player, I'm excited about it. Four new planets have also been added, Titan, Io, Nessus, and Earth's European Dead Zone which will make it all the more fun to explore. 

You will still be able to do patrols but they've also added side quests which will also be known as adventures and treasure finding which I'm looking forward to playing, I like games based around adventure and finding lost treasure. Destiny 2 has included something called Clan support so for those of you who have a Clan or are in one this will most definitely be something you will like, this feature will help you find Clans who need more players to join in order to do the raid and yes there will be a new raid in Destiny 2. It's a bit like matchmaking so people who don't have a Clan or haven't played the raid before can have a chance to play it with a fireteam rather than having to ask around. The one thing that worries me about this is the expectations some Destiny players have, I've been in raid teams where I was kicked because I wasn't good enough which was very disheartening seeing as I had never played that particular raid before but not all Destiny players are like that. The Beta for Destiny 2 is set to make an appearance sometime soon, although Destiny had a lot of issues I have high expectations for Destiny 2.

Want to see what all the hype is about? Check out the cinematic trailer below:

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  1. I've already decided to play an Arcstrider! It just fits my play style more! :D I cannot wait for it to come out! Definitely getting it on PS4!

    1. Yes another ps4 player!! The adventures sound so appealing to me I can imagine I will be finishing them more than anything haha


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