The Girl With All The Gifts.

Monday 30 January 2017

It's been a while since I've seen a good serious zombie movie, I think the last one I watched was world war Z even when I first started watching it I didn't have high hopes for it but I was proven wrong. Last year I saw the trailer for the movie the girl with all the gifts, the title made it sound more like a fantasy movie and I do love fantasy but in was pleasantly surprised to find out it was, in fact, a thriller. The movie is based on a bunch of kids inside a testing facility, they don't have much of a life and spend most of it in a cell or strapped in wheelchairs, this does sound cruel but the reason behind it make sense. These children are special and could hold the cure for the human race who have been wiped out by some kind of zombie fungus, this fungus makes humans crave anything living (even cats and dogs)the fungus takes over the human body and turns them into a shell of themselves. The main character in this movie is called Melanie she is one of the children in the facility, unlike other humans who are affected by the fungus, Melanie isn't a shell of herself and acts like a normal human, in order for the children to be controlled and not turn into their zombie state the people not affected by the fungus wear a blocker which stops the smell of humans.

The girl with all the gifts doesn't take place solely in the facility, Melanie does eventually end up escaping with some of the facility workers who are called the saviours. We see them try and find cover from the Zombies which surround them, they're still very unsure of keeping Melanie with them but one of the saviours (who is trying to find the cure) insists on her staying as well as Melanie's former teacher in the facility called Helen played by Gemma Arteton. Throughout the story I found myself caring more and more for Melanie, to me she was a child who could not only help the saviours survive but make other zombies listen to her and to be able to see things from a child's point of view in a movie like this makes it all the more interesting.

We start to see that Melanie just wants to be treated like any other child and even is happy enough to wear a mask so the saviours can trust her when they're around her. In the scenes that show her in her zombie state I feel a lot of sadness for her because she wouldn't hurt someone or an animal if she could help it, for example there is a scene where she catches a cat and as we learn from the start of the film where she puts up a picture of a cat on the wall in her cell she really does like cats, but in order for her to not harm the saviours she has to find a source of food and unfortunately she chose to eat a cat. The movie was originally adapted from a book which has the same name as the movie, I've not read it but from what I have heard it's meant to be a good book and a few people I know were pleased with the adaption of the book. What I'm surprised about is that there wasn't as much hype for this movie as I thought it would get, as soon as I saw the trailer for it I knew I had to give it a watch and not because I'm a sucker for zombie movies but because you could tell it was a different take on a zombie movie. 

I won't give away the ending to this movie as it's still pretty new, but I really do recommend giving it a watch, if anyone else wants to know of any other good zombie movies, check out 28 days later and world war Z.


  1. Oooo this sounds really good. Will definitely have to check it out. I was the same with world war Z. Wasn't expecting much but actually really enjoyed it. Great review
    Beth x

  2. I've read the book, and it was great. There are multiple chapters written from Melanie's POV, so you do end up caring for her. It's definitely a fresh take on the whole zombie thriller genre. I forgot the movie was going to be a thing though. Definitely gonna check it out soon.


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