Magnitone The Full Monty.

Tuesday 12 January 2016

I've been in a little battle with myself over doing a post about this product, only because there are so many opinions on it I didn't want to seem like I was being a sheep. But I've decided what the hell I may as well give my take on the Magnitone, one more post can't hurt can it? I first heard about the Magnitone on Twitter, people were saying It's a lazy facial cleansing brush and people may as well buy a face cloth or a normal face brush to clean your face with. I was very much intrigued with how it would benefit me and what it does, so I decided to read up on it and I ended up wanting one. The biggest issue for me was the price tag, they are pretty expensive but you can get them from certain shops a bit cheaper. I went on and on at my family and James for months about how I needed one, I even put one in my Christmas wish list so when it came to Christmas Day and I opened my presents I was so pleased to see that James had actually for me one. Mind you I was glad he didn't pay £70 for it and only paid £50 it is a pretty expensive brush (yes I know £50 is still a lot of money).

I put the Magnitone lucid brush on my wish list but James ended up getting me the full monty, not that I'm complaining! In all honestly, I'm glad he bought me a different one, I love the look of it and love that it's a facial cleanser, tones, exfoliates and has a pedi buff brush. The thing I noticed about my Magnitone was the buttons and the circle in the centre, I like this design a lot more than the lucid brush. The way it charges is very different too, the full monty sits in a cradle where as the lucid has a magnetic clink charger that goes on the front and one end of a cable plugs into the clinker then the other end plugs into the wall. With the cradle I have I just sit my Magnitone in it and plug a cable into the cradle to charge it, I like sitting mine in the cradle and putting it out on display in my room.

The Magnitone The full monty comes in a large box which includes 3 different brush heads which are the active clean brush, this brush is for your face the Magnitone has 3 different modes for it, daily facial mode, sensitive mode and the pulse lift tonning mode.The exfoliator brush is for your body, my skin feels so soft after using it, it only has the exfoliate mode and then there is the well-heeled brush which has the pedi-buff mode, I haven't used it as much as the other two brushes but it does make my feet soft.To change modes you just press the button in the middle several different times to get your desired mode, there are 3 dots that go down the handle on the brush that let you know if you're using the modes for the face, body or feet. There is an auto stop timer, so you can evenly clean your face and you don't spend too much time washing one part of your face, I normally start on my forehead then do my t-zone and cheeks and lastly I do my chin and neck as there are 3 beeps and then the brush stops for a second which means you should use the brush on the next part of your face. It is 100% water proof so I can use it in the shower or the bath, I'm so happy it is, because knowing me I would drop it in the bath and break!

The box says that you can get visible results from your first use, I only noticed how clean and soft my skin was, it still looked very angry and red. But now I have used it a lot more I have noticed my skin clearing up and it's a let less red, but I think it is because it cleans my face so much better than I seem too, even though I try my best to clean it. You will need to make sure you buy new brush heads every 3 months and normally they come, 12 month warranty and a Magnitone membership card (mine did). This brush has slowly become part of my everyday regime now and was actually better than I expected, I personally think it is a good buy but would be great if the brush heads and the Magnitone itself was a little cheaper.

Anyone else have a Magnitone? What do you think of it, does it live up to the hype?

Elle May x


  1. Thanks for the honest review, I would love to try this one out sometime in the future.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog
    @MeghanSSilva on Instagram

    1. Let me know if you get one I would love to know how well it worked for you!

  2. Im so lazy when it comes to washing my face. I think I may have to invest in one of these.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. Yes Beth!! Sarah has one too she loves it, even though the price tag is a tad high xx


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