A letter to myself

Thursday 14 January 2016


I know you probably feel silly for writing a letter to yourself and putting it on your blog, but you enjoy going back to your blog posts and reading them. Hopefully, you will come across this and it will make you smile and remember to stop being so hard on yourself.

Some days you may feel like the world is against you and other days you may feel on top of the world, the way you have been feeling will come and go but you will always find a way to deal with it. You may feel a bit of a failure from the things that have happened in the past and current issues you have now but you can still go on, You probably think no one cares for you, but there are many people out there who do. I know you value other people's opinions and you worry what people think of you but don't sweat it, not everyone is going to like you and that's ok. You don't have to suffer in silence with your chronic illness, if you talk to people some may listen some may not, those who don't listen or care don't deserve you so cut them out of your life, you don't need that kind of negativity and when people try to put you down, hold your head up high and walk away.

You may not feel like you're good enough for him, but he is still by your side. He tells you he loves you and holds you tight so try not to over think it, he knows how to deal with your moods and helps you when you faint so stop seriously overthinking!! Depression may be creeping up on you and clouding your mind making you unable to think straight but them clouds will clear and you will be able to smile again, don't you dare doubt it! Live your life the way you want to and not the way you're expected to, do what you have always wanted to do, have fun, make the most of your life.

Hopefully, when you do read back on this you have achieved all those things you have been telling yourself you have wanted to do, always remember you are worth it!

Love Elle x


Any hate will not be published.