Things girls who game are sick of hearing and being told.

Saturday 28 November 2015

I'm a girl and I game, I enjoy it and it helps me unwind especially when I'm feeling stressed or annoyed at someone I can just shoot an enemy in a game and I feel better, I wouldn't do that in real life though (haha). Whenever I play a game online, go shopping or tell someone I play video games I had so many annoying things said to me, things I'm sick to death of hearing and being told, here are just a few of them:

1. You're an n00b player because you're a girl - because my gender obviously means I'm crap at a game.

2. You do realise this is an online game right? - oh really? Of course, I didn't realise the game I'm wanting to buy and wanted for a while was an online game, how stupid of me!

3. Your boyfriend is a lucky guy! - this game is for me, not my boyfriend, I want to play it!

4. I bet you're just a man pretending to be a girl so more guys play online with you - no, I'm a girl and I couldn't care less about playing online with other guys, leave me alone.

5. It's so nice that you join in with your boyfriend when he plays a game, I bet you find it hard to know which buttons to press - really? I'm playing with my boyfriend because I enjoy gaming with him and of course, I know how to use a controller.

6. Girl gamers are fake and don't know how to game - this infuriates me to no end, When it comes to gaming gender shouldn't matter we are all gamers, you don't see me saying boy gamers suck do you?

7. Get back in the kitchen - I probably will be going back in the kitchen to get myself some smacks and to cook for myself, which by the sounds of it you're incapable of doing for yourself.

8. You don't own a PC, You're not really a gamer - I'm sorry but not just PC gamers are gamers, some people have a certain preference. I can't fit a PC in my room so I mostly play my PS4.

9. I'm going to find you and rape you - this is one of the worst things someone has said to me online whilst gaming, I blocked them of course but it's a ridiculous thing to say or even think just because someone killed you in a game.

10. Boy gamers are better than girl gamers - I'm sure some guys are better at games than some girls but don't be a twat and make out that men are superior at gaming compared to women.

If you're playing with a girl online, try being respectful and talking to them nicely, because at the end of the day we are all part of a gaming family! Why not tell me what kinds of things you're sick of hearing and being told because you're a gamer!


  1. omg i relate to this so much, it's so annoying and it kinda drives me away from wanting to play online games because thats when all these comments start to appear :/
    great post though! x

    1. I couldn't agree more, it's disheartening that people like that can push us away from something we enjoy. I normally prefer playing offline games because of it xx

  2. Haha I love these! I don't game online much. I'm wary of abuse :/

    1. I think over time it's get better and I don't her much anymore 😊


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